June 28, 2022

The Garden Collection from adKnits

  • A sticker with two red chili peppers made of twisted yarn skeins.
  • A collection of colorful pins on a wooden tray with a pair of black scissors next to it.
  • A light-skinned hand holds a yellow sunflower enamel pin with other out-of-focus pins in the background.
  • A stitch marker with a shovel charm sits on a hank of burnt orange yarn. Four carrot stitch markers are scattered on the table below.
  • A garden-themed sticker sheet sits in a woven basket with a hank of red yarn.
  • A sticker of a dark red chicken laying a yarn ball egg.

Get ready for summer with the Garden Collection! AdKnits, a line of nature-inspired goods for knitters and makers, recently released a new collection of summer- and garden-inspired knitting products. This summery update includes merit badges, stickers, stitch markers, and pins!

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