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The Roses I Want For Valentine’s Day

A bouquet is nice and all, but let’s be real — if you’re reading this, you’d probably rather have yarn! I mean, I knew my husband was a keeper for sure because he got me yarn for our first Valentine’s Day together.

Right after I had finalized my winter colors for 2019, I was playing around with some skeins of Rock Star XL and a new dyeing technique I was developing. The technique came out better than I expected, and I decided to play with it some more. The skeins that resulted from that initial experiment were marked as One Night Onlys and sold almost immediately. I kept looking at their listing photo, though, and musing about how well this color would fit in with the Winter Wonderland colors…

Six colors for a season seemed like a lot, but I really loved it. I couldn’t get it out of my head. When I finally gave in and picked a name for it, it seemed obvious: it would be for Valentine’s Day! (OK, maybe it wasn’t that obvious. It was the aforementioned husband’s idea. But we’re married now, I’m allowed to take credit for his ideas. That’s how it works, right?)

“Every Rose Has Its Thorn” isn’t really your typical Valentine’s Day song. Which is good because I’m not a huge fan of V-Day. It’s a song that’s dramatic and highly colored and about hurt and pain and loss. Which are things we all experience at some point. With it’s contrasting tones of cool silver grey, warm dark pinks and occasional splashes of rich blues and purples, it seemed to echo the singer’s feelings about the duality of love. It seemed like a great fit for this color, to me, and I hope you’ll agree.

This color is now available on several bases, including Boogie Woogie, Rock Star Sport, Rock Star DK, Rock Star, Rock Star XL and Motown!