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The Yarn Alliance is Open to New Subscriptions!

Late last year, as I was setting out some of our Small Batch colourways for a virtual show, I realised just how much we really enjoy exploring colour to create new and unique colourways, especially for our club members.

As much as we love our standard colours, it’s our club colourways we really pour our hearts into, because our club members are the kind knitters and crocheters that I love most: yarn adventurers who embrace exactly these kinds of colour explorations. They get us… and we get them.

And there’s no one who lives up to the title of “Yarn Adventurer” quite like our Yarn Alliance members because, when you become a member of the Yarn Allliance, you’re on a journey with us to explore colour. Yes, it’s true that you never quite know what’s going to be in your parcel and that is all part of the fun — every colourway is a surprise, a chance to stretch your imagination and challenge your creativity.

And every colourway is a direct connection between us as dyers and you as a maker — unique and new and created only for you as an adventurer with us in the Yarn Alliance.