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Titus Lace and lots of news!

We have some long awaited yarn release news! This week we have had an update of Titus Lace, which is our ever-popular blend of Superwash extrafine Merino with mulberry silk. The majority of the update is our signature semisolids as these are so versatile for laceweight projects, but there are a few variegated shades included as well. We have a new section to our blog called Pattern Inspiration and in there you will find all our blog posts which are specifically pattern related. This includes posts about individual patterns, posts about books or collections and ideas for specific yarn types. For example, in this category you will find posts about The Shawl Project Book Five from The Crochet Project, Bowland Lace pattern suggestions, and crochet patterns for laceweight yarn. All of these would be handy if you want to try laceweight yarn but don’t know what to use it for. There are also laceweight patterns on our website including Sun and Shower by Jaya of Apoorva Designs which was part of our Four Season Collection (there are also blog posts about this 😆).

We have recently seen increased popularity in our four-colour 4ply packs, with lots of people asking about them, too. It turned out to be for Casapinka’s Sharon Air MKAL using four 100g skeins of 4ply/fingering weight yarn and the initial pack put together for the MKAL is a fade of pinks mixing semisolids and variegated shades. Over the next few weeks we will be dyeing and putting together more different packs, so if you haven’t seen one you like please keep checking back. We have also been adding four-colour Milburn 4ply packs so there is plenty to choose from. These packs can obviously also be used for any other four-colour pattern using 100g per colour (Penicuik by Justyna of Lete’s Knits, is a really good option). We are adding new packs as we find them but stocks of each are limited by the available stock with the exception of the Milburn packs. There are also a few new five-colour yarn packs on the website if you are planning ahead for Joji’s Fall KAL.

After the Tempo 4ply update, we added a selection of Tempo 4ply sock sets to the website. These combine one 100g skein with one 20g mini skein of the same yarn in a contrasting colour and these are ideal for adding a pop of colour to your sock projects by using the mini skein for heels, toes or cuffs. They don’t have to be used for socks though, you could also use the sets for fingerless mitts or to add a bit of colourwork to hats or shawls.