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Two new updates on the website

Happy Yarn Day! I have news of two more updates for you. We are really powering through them at the moment with the hope of getting plenty of beautiful yarn out into the wild by the end of this year. There is plenty more coming too. First I have news of a large Titus 4ply update coming on Friday, 18th November. There will be a few batches of variegated colourways alongside the signature ECY palette of semi-solids. Titus 4ply is one of our original yarns and is one of our most popular for good reason. It is a beautiful mix of Superwash extrafine Merino with mulberry silk meaning that it is soft, smooth and strong.

Last week Hayton DK made a reappearance on the website; it had been quite a while since the last update. We are currently calling this our teddy bear yarn as it is super soft and snuggly and the latest batch has been spun a little plumper than previously which is just making it even better. It is Merino, Cashmere and nylon meaning you get the benefits of all three fibres. This is our first DK update in absolutely ages so I’ve gone for a big range of colours to choose from, I’m hoping it’ll satisfy everyone until I can do more DK! The batches are batches of 10 x 100g skeins, hopefully allowing for sweater quantities.

Hayton DK is a great all round yarn; you can see the variety of projects it has been used for in our Projects and Patterns gallery/inspo blog post.

Two separate dyelots were added to the website. Yarn with dyelot 230922 is part of an older spin batch of Hayton DK and is not as plump as the new dyelot (labelled 251022), therefore we don’t know if your tension/gauge will be the same across both batches – please be aware of this if you are planning to combine colourways from different batches as they might not blend well. There are also a couple of batches which have unexpected pink speckles from where I had dye issues. I personally don’t think they can be excused as a feature (!) and so these speckled batches are reduced in price as a sort of ‘seconds’ situation.

Our festive boxes will be hitting the website very soon so keep your eyes peeled for news of these!