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Up To Eleven!

I have a new base I’m totally geeking out over.

Do you love the look of all the new styles made using kid mohair silk but just the thought of it makes your neck break out in hives? Or you just want to up your halo game to 11? Meet Maelstrom, an alpaca and polyamide boucle laceweight that you can swap for any pattern calling for mohair. I promise, it’s as soft as a baby bunny’s butt and the fuzz is glorious.

Use on its own, held double or held together with another yarn. Marl two colors. Have a fade set you’re just not sure about? Pick a color that works with it and it will help blend those colors for the smoothest of fades. The possibilities are endless. And at 874 yards per 100 gram skein it’s about the same price as the average skein of kid mohair silk with almost twice the yardage.

It’s currently available in 10 colors, but I’m so pumped about this base, so if there are any of my solids on other bases you’d like me to dye for you on Maelstrom, shoot me a custom request on my Etsy shop and if it can be done I’m happy to dye it.