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Welcome to Summer!

Welcome to Summer! In Oregon, we wait nine months for our non-rainy season, so summer is very exciting here. This month, we are showering that excitement into our new mini skein set, aptly named Summer Love! It’s made up of six gorgeous, hot colors that remind me of a summer beachy sunset: light plum, mint, dark aqua, watermelon, tangerine and mustard. I have had so much fun combining them as stripes and pulling out some of the colors to create new sock sets.

The Sunset Beach sock set has a light tangerine base with darker tangerine speckles for the 100-gram skein with dark aqua and mustard for the contrast minis. The Ice Pops sock set has three 50-gram skeins for all kinds of color or stripe possibilities. A white skein with dark aqua and watermelon speckles is paired with the dark aqua and watermelon skeins and together they really showcase a fun rocket pop look! It really brings back summer memories eating popsicles on the beach.

Last but not least, I couldn’t wait to use all six colors together from the DK set in a baby hat as well. So many combos here — I can’t wait to see what you come up with.