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Showing Sunny Day Fiber

Welcome to Summer! In Oregon, we wait nine months for our non-rainy season, so summer is very exciting here. This month, we are showering that excitement into our new mini skein set, aptly named Summer Love! It’s made up of six gorgeous, hot colors that remind me of a summer beachy sunset: light plum, mint, dark aqua, watermelon, tangerine and mustard. I have had so much fun combining them as stripes and pulling out some of the colors to create new sock sets.

The Sunset Beach sock set has a light tangerine base with darker tangerine speckles for the 100-gram skein with dark aqua and mustard for the contrast minis. The Ice Pops sock set has three 50-gram skeins for all kinds of color or stripe possibilities. A white skein with dark aqua and watermelon speckles is paired with the dark aqua and watermelon skeins and together they really showcase a fun rocket pop look! It really brings back summer memories eating popsicles on the beach.

Last but not least, I couldn’t wait to use all six colors together from the DK set in a baby hat as well. So many combos here — I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

This month we celebrate our LGBTQ+ family and friends with our fun rainbow mini skein set! We love these bright colors and what they represent — showing up as your authentic and unique self each and every day! Here’s to knitting cute stripes and advocating for each other’s rights! We believe in strong allyship, are committed to the community and are donating 20% of the proceeds this month to The Trevor Project. 

Our rainbow has six skeins; red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. We are having a blast with all the different combinations and the different ways we can stripe them together. I also wanted to pull some colors out and create a few sock sets as well. The Pride Rainbow set has a white 100 gram skein with yellow, orange, green and blue speckles and is paired with a purple and red mini skein for contrast. The Rollerblade Rainbow set has the vibrant yellow with orange speckles for the main color and is paired with the rainbow blue and green! The mini skein set comes in fingering and DK so I couldn’t wait to use the DK set in a baby hat as well. With all the summer knit alongs going on, grab a set or two and see what you can make with all these amazing colors!

This spring month we are taking inspiration from our neighborhood walks and watching all the flowers bloom. Our pastel set is the featured mini skein set with aqua, pink, lilac, peach, ice blue and mint. I couldn’t wait to try them as stripes in Brie Christine’s fun Quartet Socks pattern. Using white for contrast in the color work made the colors really pop. Pulling the pink and lilac out of the bunch, I had to dye up a sock set called Mayflower, added sprinkles and contrasted it with the light and darker plums for heels and cuff. Peach also pulls at my heart so I sprinkled that with darker peach, spring green and a light touch of aqua for the second sock set named Wildflowers. It reminds me of a painting and every stitch is so fun to knit. The darker peach and spring green as contrasts are so perfect with it. With a new grandbaby in the family, I also couldn’t wait to use the colors together in a baby hat. These are all so much fun to play with! I hope you grab some and enjoy them as well!

We are singing the blues this month and creating a gorgeous blue combos with our new mini skein set. The colors in this set are navy, sky, light baby, lapis, ice blue and blue skies. Seeing them all together, I couldn’t wait to knit the navy, light baby and blue skies together in a striped sock as as well. The tones play so nicely together. That rabbit hole also led me down the path to creating the Icy Hot Blue sock set with the aqua tones and neon green contrast minis along with the April Showers sock set with the lapis blue (which is sooo pretty) and purple-navy contrast minis. I also couldn’t resist knitting up a classic beanie with stripes and color work using lapis and light baby together for my friend’s new little baby boy! OMG, so many pretty blues to play with.

We are so excited that our crazy winter is behind us! To celebrate, we are welcoming a nice collection of greens for our new mini skein set. The colors in this one are sage, evergreen, light mint, grinch green, forest and seafoam. I used the sage and seafoam in two new baby hats and can’t wait to use the rest of them together in a scrappy sock. Add to that all the lovely greens and teals included in the Irish Sock collection and we have so many colors to play with this month!

Hot and spicy colors are in the house in time for our favorite red holiday! It will be so much fun knitting with these pinks, reds, oranges and purples! These colors just sing so well together in a scrappy sock or striped sweater!

We have two new mini skein sets to the shop! The Lipstick color set has cranberry, magenta, sugarcoated, cinnamon, cayenne, and plum (like the lipstick bar at Nordstroms!!). The Spicy color set has carrot, melon, paprika, soft peach, mist and shallot.

And a Hot & Spicy sock set has been added as well! The main skein is sprinkled with shades of melon, magenta, paprika and plum and is paired with paprika and plum minis!

These will be so fun as Valentine socks or used with the many sock KALs going on right now!

There’s nothing better this season than sitting next to a nice fire, knitting lots of warm and snuggly things in bright holiday reds and greens! We have everything you need for your project plus the squishy, colorful hand-dyed yarn to go with it. Pop on over to our bright and shiny new website to see the whole holiday collection as well as our best-selling knit kits — for knitters at all levels!

Introducing Candy Heart Pink and Purple and Valentine Red and Pink – fun, bright, love-filled colors for all your Valentine’s knitting! All colors available in DK, worsted and fingering weight, as well as sock bundles with mini skein coordinates. Pop over to our website to see the collection as well as our best selling knit kits — for knitters at all levels!