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Where the #%@&! is my Crochet Hook?? — Set of three “Travel” Crochet Hooks

Everyone knows that when you need a crochet hook, you can’t find one. It’s jettisoned itself from your project. It’s lost in the sofa cushions. It’s ended up in your kid’s toybox. SOMEONE perhaps borrowed it and kept it. Or it may just be behind your ear but you can’t check because you need it to fix a reprehensible error in your knitting that needs you to hold on with both hands.

Okay, perhaps these can’t help with that last one, but at least these give you a slight advantage of being able to find them.

These are a set of three crochet hooks — 2.0mm, 3.0mm, and 4.0mm — that have been cut down to a smaller length and attached to lobster clasps so you can hook them to your project, your project bag, your zipper, your purse, what have you. Each crochet hook as been festooned with words to express your current feeling:

“OOPS” — 2.0mm hook
“CRAP” — 3.0mm hook
“MINE” — 4.0mm hook

Available in either black or white letter beads!

If these words just don’t speak to you, you also have the option of personalizing your crochet hooks with the words that please you most! (EIGHT letters maximum on EACH hook) And don’t worry about embarrassing me with your request — I was raised by a sailor AND I have a theatre degree AND I used to work with rock-n-roll roadies. There’s extraordinarily little that can make me blush. AND you can choose either white or black beads on your personalization.