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Wool and Chocolate

At McMullin Fiber Co., we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with the classics: chocolate and wool. Whether you’re celebrating self love or friend love or romantic love, or recovering from a breakup, we have sock sets and Valentine’s Day countdowns to treat yourself or someone special.

We have just three Valentine’s Day Countdowns left — that’s 14-90g mini skeins inspired by love ballads and breakup songs individually wrapped along with some delicious chocolate. That’s about 1,260 yards!

We also have three Valentine-inspired sock sets: two that come with gourmet chocolate that helped inspire the colorways, and one that’s just the yarn, please and thank you.

Tart & Soul is a gorgeous pink and purple speckled main color with a lemony miniskein. The accompanying chocolate is a dark and white chocolate truffle bar with raspberries, lemon and biscotti. We’ve done a lot of taste testing here at the studio to make sure it’s amazing and it is universally adored.

Rainier Cherry is a rich black cherry and chocolate main color with lots of subtle speckles and a rich black truffle miniskein. The chocolate is a dark chocolate truffle bar with cherries and pecans. The flavors in this one are subtle and delicious.

Bittersweet has one of last year’s bitter breakup songs — I Can’t Make You Love Me as the main color and a sweet cherry, pink and charcoal speckled miniskein. Ironically, this is the set with no chocolate.

Also hitting the shop Friday morning are a few extras from our Christmas boxes, including stunning yarn sets inspired by Monet’s Water Lily paintings.