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Showing Her Hands Atelier

Her Hands Atelier is a woman-owned small business specializing in handcrafted feminine pieces for the chic knitter. My name is Sadie Patton and I began sewing and designing small handbags for myself at the age of 16. Soon I was selling to classmates. My love of sewing continued throughout my teens and twenties when I began to sew my own wardrobe. As this passion for sewing and design grew, I began to realize I could not find affordable or quality handbags to accessorize my wardrobe thus Her Hands Atelier was born.

I chose this name because I wanted something that encompassed all of the crafts I enjoyed. I came across a scripture at Proverbs 31:13 that really resonated with me. It read, “She obtains wool and linen, she delights to work with her hands.” I also decided to include the word Atelier, a workshop or studio, especially when used by an artist or designer.

The process for making my products stems largely from what I found while shopping for handbags. Most leather goods I found had a masculine feel. I wanted something that would reflect my personality and style. You’ll notice that my products have a very soft color palate and also incorporate gentle lines and curved features.

My work ethic originates from a family of hardworking entrepreneurs. I especially remember seeing my mother work hard to help support our family. I saw her sew clothes for myself, my brother and sister, bake homemade bread, grow a garden and can homegrown foods to eat throughout the winter. She was resourceful and valued sustainability long before it became a trend. These are values I strive to maintain at Her Hands Atelier.

I briefly want to share how The Daisy Notions Pouch was born. I received a large order for The Hannah Essential Oils Pouch some time ago, so I eagerly went to work to cut out the pieces. Unfortunately, the first few pieces cut turned out to be too small. Rather than waste the smaller leather pieces, I created The Daisy Pouch. This mistake turned into a happy accident when I realized this was the perfect knitting notions pouch. The Daisy Notion Pouch maintains a feminine charm while still being durable and spacious enough for all of your knitting essentials. If you are an avid knitter who loves quality handmade leather goods checkout the Daisy Notions Pouch!

Today I can be found in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley. My husband of 10 years and our adorable multi-poo puppy Tallulah complete our family. My days are spent in my atelier, crafting and creating. You can follow my progress on Instagram. Love to see you there.