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Hello all!

We are so excited to announce the opening of our second annual round of Spooky October “Advent” calendar preorders! Our listing will go live on Monday, June 8th at 5 p.m. EDT.

This “Advent” is inspired by everything dark and spooky about the fall season, ghosts, graveyards, creepy crawlies and maybe even some of your worst fears. If these are things you think about fondly or hold near and dear, then this is the advent for you!

All colors are a complete mystery, but you won’t be disappointed.

Calendars will include 30 20g mini skeins and one 100g skein, designed to be opened daily. You will also receive some special secret goodies!

This year, there will be two different bases to choose from:
Tralala Sock (75/25 SW Merino, nylon, 4 ply)
Ewetopia DK (100% SW Merino, 4 ply)

Preorders will close on Sunday, June 21st at 11:59pm EDT, and will ship by mid-September.

I hope to see you in the shop!

Hello all,

We have a lot going on this week! Saturday’s update (March 21st at 10 a.m. EDT) is a big one so you won’t want to miss it.

Our new Faun base is making its debut! Faun is the softest base we’ve ever dyed. It is an 80/10/10 blend of SW Merino, Cashmere and nylon on a springy 3-ply twist with 414yds/skein. Faun is just a touch heavier than sock weight yarn, but not quite a sport weight, making it perfect for projects that require either weight.And did I mention the drape? It’s incredible! The 3-ply twist and Cashmere make for such an interesting fabric that takes the dye a little differently than the other bases we carry. The speckles soak in a bit more and the tonals are much more balanced. You’ll have to feel it to believe it!

Have you seen the new Side Trip cowl by Samantha Guerin?! It is a reversible colorwork cowl that only takes two skeins of Lambstrings Yarn Ewetopia DK. She’s so talented! We will have kits for the Side Trip cowl available in the update.

Of course, we have to acknowledge that these are weird and scary times for all of us. I’m well aware that so many are going forward without the security of finances and/or are dealing with this epidemic in isolation and fear. We need to be taking care of ourselves and others, it is so incredibly important! Whatever your situation, we would like to be supportive.

Beginning Saturday, March 21st at 10 a.m. EDT, EITHER use code “STAYHOME” to receive 10% off your entire purchase -or- choose not to use the code, and 10% of your purchase will be donated to Direct Relief, an organization that provides doctors and those affected by the COVID-19 outbreak with medical supplies and critical patient care. Please visit their website to learn more or make a personal donation.

Donations from Lambstrings Yarn will be made weekly to help expedite funds.

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy, and crafting like crazy!

Hello all and happy belated New Year! We are ringing in the new decade with lots of new products and ideas that I know you’ll be really excited about.

We are so excited to offer, for the first time, a monthly mystery yarn subscription inspired by all things Gothic!

If you love Victorian Gothic styles, black clothes, hauntings, or have a general love for the darker side of life, then this mystery club is for you!

Here’s how it works:

• You’ll have many customizable options to choose from including base and subscription duration.

• You choose your base! Available bases are:

-Sadie Singles (100% SW Merino no pill, single ply, 400yds)
-Tralala Sock (75/25 SW Merino, nylon, 4 ply, 463yds)
-Ewetopia DK (100% SW Merino, 4 ply, 231yds)

• You can choose between one-month, three—month and 12-month subscriptions. Our 12-month subscription is discounted so that one of your skeins is FREE!

• Your skein will ship on or shortly before the last day of each month via USPS First Class mail.

-Current month (one month) subscription shipping is added at checkout. You will have until the 21st of each month to order your current month’s colorway. After the 21st, you will be added to the next month’s colorway list. (i.e. if you place your order on January 22nd, you will receive February’s colorway).
-The three-month subscription has two months’ domestic shipping included, and one added at checkout. These will also need to be purchased before the 21st of the first month in that series.
-12-month subscription has 11 months of domestic shipping included, and one month’s shipping added at checkout. You will have until the 21st of January to purchase the full year’s subscription.

**International customers will receive an invoice for additional shipping, as these numbers can not be added to individual orders.

This is a mystery subscription club. Colors will only be revealed when you receive them.

Happy September everyone!!!

We recently opened our preorders for our exclusive Indie Untangled colorway for event ticket holders. This year’s colorway is called “Spook Rock Rd,” a warm grey speckled with golds, oranges, and dusty purple. It is inspired by a haunted road in my new hometown of Hudson, N.Y., just north of the Dutchess County Fairgrounds.

These skeins will be pick-up-only at the Indie Untangled pre-Rhinebeck event on October 18th. They will not be shipped. This preorder will close on Saturday, September 14th at 11:59 p.m. Eastern.

If you are not attending the event, you can still preorder your skeins starting on September 15th.

Spook Rock Rd. is available on three bases: Sadie Singles (100% SW Merino, single ply, 400yds), Tralala Sock (75/25 SW Merino/nylon, 4-ply, 463yds), and Ewetopia DK (100% SW Merino, 4-ply, 231yds). Quantities are limited, so don’t wait!

Hope to see you in the shop soon!
Lambstrings Yarn

Autumn is right around the corner and we’re seeing so many beautiful designs emerging just in time to craft that special Rhinebeck project. Lots of new things are happening here to keep up!

First, have you seen the brand new design by the very talented Tyne Swedish?! The Trelawney Shawl is a gorgeous large triangular knit, striped shawl using just two skeins of sock yarn, and we just happen to have kits ready to ship! Just in time, too, because she is hosting the #TrelawneyShawlKAL which runs from August 30th through September 30th.

Kits are limited, so act fast!

We’ve also added two new colorways to the shop this week. High Tide is a lovely variegated blue and sandy brown inspired my the moon’s influence over the seas. I just love the relationship between the two and was eager to capture that in a colorway.

OOAK Leaf Pile is a tonal brown speckled with golds, yellows, oranges, and warm browns, just like jumping into a giant pile of leaves.

Finally, we’ve decided to add one more day to the Spooky Holiday “Advent” Calendar pre-orders at the request of some. There are still a few spots left, so if you had your eye on this kit, there is still time to grab it. These Spooky Holiday Calendars are inspired by all that is creepy and unsettling during the holiday season. There will be some very unique colorways coming!

Hope you can stop by the shop soon!

Lambstrings Yarn

Happy August everyone!

I can’t believe the summer is almost over, but I’m so happy to be in Autumn/Winter mode. This week I’m thinking way ahead to the holidays by opening our first preorders of the season.

The Spooky Holiday Advent-style Calendar preorders are live as of this morning and will be available until August 24th, 11:59pm ET.

Much like the October calendars, this kit will be inspired by all that is creepy and unsettling during the holiday season, such as dark, eerily silent snow covered forests, and frightening footsteps on your roof!

Kits will include 24 20g mini skeins, one full-sized 100g skein (both on our Tralala Sock Base), and a few extra goodies for you to enjoy, and will ship NO LATER than mid-November.

Don’t wait to order these kits, though. Spots are limited!

Hope to see you in the shop soon!

Hello all,

I hope everyone is having a relaxing and enjoyable summer. Can you believe that it’s almost halfway through? I’m pretty sure that means it’s time to start thinking about fall and Rhinebeck knits!

We have a brand new completely versatile golden colorway to get you started on your projects.

Apothecary is our newest tonal golden hued yarn with hints of chestnut and sea blue, perfect for pairing with both warm and cool colors, or on it’s own for a more textured project.

See it paired with some of our other colorways in the photos above.

Apothecary will be debuting in the latest shop update at, along with a few restocked items.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me through the link provided.

Hope you can make it!

Hello all!

We have two new colorways joining us this week: Zodiac (dark and colorful) and Petunia (light peach speckle).

We have limited quantities at the moment, so don’t miss out!! They won’t be back again for a while, as we start prepare for something amazing!!! You’ll hear all about that soon!

Hello all!

The very first annual spooky October “Advent” calendar preorder is coming to the shop tonight, Friday June 7th at 5 p.m. Eastern Time! I am so excited to be able to offer these this year. If you like my usual moody dyeing style and colorways, then you’ll LOVE the new ones that I’m brewing up for this set. It’s all a mystery of course, but I can tell you they will be spooky and EPIC. I’m pulling inspiration from all things creepy and unsettling – this is going to be so much fun!

Each calendar will include 30 mini skeins (92 yds/20g each) and one full-sized skein on our Tralala Sock base (75/25 SW Merino, nylon, 4 ply, 463 yds/100g) along with a few extra little goodies!

Preorder listings will be open until Saturday June 22nd at 11:59 p.m. (two weeks).

All calendars will be shipped no later than mid-September, but could ship much earlier.

Please see the small disclaimer on the product for additional circumstances, i.e. if this is a gift, or if you plan to order additional skeins.

I hope to see you in the shop!

Shanna Felice
Lambstrings Yarn