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A Stitcher’s Jewelry Soiree

I’m delighted to announce my new jewelry line! Many of the pieces in today’s debut collection serve a double purpose of providing adornment and helping us in our favorite fiber arts. As you know, I love working with natural materials, so each piece has been lovingly-crafted from hardwoods like beech, walnut, cedar, and more.

First, we have the Butterfly Trio Earrings. Each charm shines on a different hardwood, with the unique grain patterns of Walnut, Beech, and Cedar lending stunning details to their wings. All my earrings are lead and nickel free for easy wear and gifting!

Those same butterflies take on even more forms in my Butterfly Stitch Markers Mixed Hardwoods Set. Each includes six markers in three sizes, with options for both knit and crochet. Your set could include Beech, Cherry, Red Cedar, Canarywood, Curly Maple, Lacewood, Red Oak, Mahogany, and even Purpleheart!

Last but certainly not least, we have my Butterfly Necklace with Detachable Stitch Markers. I love this piece so much! Beyond being a cute accessory for summer, its fringe of tiny flutterbies is ready to fly off your necklace and onto your projects as stitch markers.

It’s an excellent option for knitters on the go and is easily expanded with extra sets of stitch markers! Which piece is your favorite so far?