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April’s Travel the World Club is Now Open

Who’s ready for April’s Travel the World colorway reveal: Seattle!!!

I always think “April showers bring May flowers” and that led me to think about places that are rainy, which made me think of Seattle!! Edward and I went there a few years ago.

I know everyone thinks of Starbucks and Pike Place Market and the Gum Wall, but my favorite part of Seattle was the Chihuly Garden. I like to semi-plan my trips out, doing research ahead of time to find places to go. Edward doesn’t like to do any of that. In fact, he doesn’t want to know a thing; he wants to be completely surprised by the places we go. As much as I was in complete awe of what I saw in the gardens, it was also so much fun to see his face when we first walked in. My favorite part is the room with the ceiling covered in red and orange flowers!

So this month’s colorway is inspired by the gardens, specifically those flowers! Think reds and oranges for this one, with some purples and greens speckled in for pops of color!!

This preorder will be open for a week until April 9th. All orders will ship around mid month.