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Showing Silly Goose Yarns

Who’s ready for May’s Travel the World colorway reveal? It’s Washington, DC!!!

Last month I was in Washington, DC, and the cherry blossoms were in full bloom!! It’s such a beautiful sight to see all the vibrant colors as you walk around the city. DC is also one of our favorite places to visit. Edward used to live there, so we have lots of friends to see each time we go, and we always leave with our hearts full from all the fun times we have. Plus, one of the meanings of cherry blossoms is renewal and optimism, which we definitely need after last week!

So this month’s colorway is dedicated to the cherry blossoms in Washington, DC. This one will be splashes of color — pinks, greens and blues!

Available on all the bases, this preorder will stay open until May 7th and will start shipping mid-month. Get yours now!

“Don’t go through the door!” It all starts when an inquisitive little girl finds a door in a wall that leads to the other world — one that looks like hers but really isn’t!!

This year’s Halloween Box is inspired by Coraline!

The black cat. Miss Spink and Miss Forcible. The Amazing Mr. Bobo. The Other Mother!!

The box will include:

13 mini skeins in a fade all inspired by the colors of the movie

Stitch markers and needle stoppers by Vic’s Knits

A candle from Calyan Wax Co. (which also donates to organizations to fight human trafficking!!)

Plus other surprise goodies!

There are three bases to choose from: Plump Fingering (92 yards, 20 grams) , Plump Fingering Stellina (87 yards, 20 grams) (OMG the sparkle!!) and Plump DK (49 yards, 20 grams)!!

All orders will ship out the beginning of October in plenty of time to begin opening them October 19th!

Who’s ready for April’s Travel the World colorway reveal: Seattle!!!

I always think “April showers bring May flowers” and that led me to think about places that are rainy, which made me think of Seattle!! Edward and I went there a few years ago.

I know everyone thinks of Starbucks and Pike Place Market and the Gum Wall, but my favorite part of Seattle was the Chihuly Garden. I like to semi-plan my trips out, doing research ahead of time to find places to go. Edward doesn’t like to do any of that. In fact, he doesn’t want to know a thing; he wants to be completely surprised by the places we go. As much as I was in complete awe of what I saw in the gardens, it was also so much fun to see his face when we first walked in. My favorite part is the room with the ceiling covered in red and orange flowers!

So this month’s colorway is inspired by the gardens, specifically those flowers! Think reds and oranges for this one, with some purples and greens speckled in for pops of color!!

This preorder will be open for a week until April 9th. All orders will ship around mid month.

Who’s ready for March’s Travel the World colorway reveal? We’re going to TOKYO!!!

This month’s collection is extra special to me. For as long as I can remember, Tokyo has been my #1 bucket list place in the entire world to visit.

That dream came true in March 2017 when I spent several days there (by myself!) traveling around and seeing the city. It was the most incredible experience. I ate at the local markets. I visited the temples. I went one night to the Robot Restaurant (Google it, trust me). I wandered down alleys. I met people. I just let myself get lost in the city. On my last day there, I managed to talk my way into a private studio for a tattoo by this amazing woman who spoke no english, but completely understood what I was looking for. And on my last night, I sat at the bar overlooking the city and cried. I cried because it was everything I had hoped for, and I cried because I just didn’t want to leave. Tokyo completely stole my heart, and I cannot wait for the day when I get to go back.

The club is open until March 7th and orders will start shipping mid-March. Grab yours now!

This shawl lives up to it’s name. It is perfection!!! It’s big and drapey and I just want to live in it. Super easy pattern, maximum compliment potential!!

I have kits for this on my website in three options! Each kit comes with two skeins of yarn, a stitch marker by Monster Stitches designed especially for this kit and a code for the Ravelry download of the pattern by Kacey Knits. I had mine made in Plant Lady and Avocado and it’s just *chef’s kiss*. But really, any two skeins of DK are all you need for this, and I have tons of colorways — the options are endless!

Tonight at 7 p.m. Central launches our Fiber Friends Collection! A sheep (and ducky!)-inspired collection, there will be four colorways — two variegated and their matching tonals — and a sock set! Offered on a variety of bases, this preorder will only be open for a few days!

And closing Saturday is September’s Drink of the Month! It’s September, when pumpkin spice lattes come back, the leaves start to turn, and we all begin to think about cooler days. Plus, it’s apple picking time! All this just begs for an apple-based drink, so September’s drink is Apple Cider Sangria! In shades of oranges, reds and browns, it’s the perfect yarn to wear when you’re jumping in piles of leaves!

The Tweed Collection is here so grab yours NOW!! There are seven different colors to choose from, so there’s something for everyone!

I’m so excited to be launching this! I know my project list has grown by like 87 items with all the things I want to knit up with this tweed yarn! There’s definitely a striped sweater, a cardigan and a couple shawls coming soon! Available on tweed DK, this soft and squishy yarn is amazing! Each skein is 231 yards/100 grams

The collection is now open but be sure to order yours ASAP as it closes this Sunday! Once I close orders and see where we land I will update shipping windows.

In Minnesota, August means one thing — the State Fair! It’s a big deal.

Millions of people come to the fair over 10 days. Hot days and warm nights are on order, just before fall comes and we start to smell snow in the air.

For August, I wanted to do something that paid homage to such a huge event. So, I’m doing beer. Simple, easy and tastes oh-so-good on a hot day.

August’s Drink of the Month yarn is on sale NOW! Snag your skeins ASAP! All orders will ship out around the 15th of the month.