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Take a trip to Italy!!

For June’s Travel the World club, we’re hopping across the Atlantic Ocean from DC to Italy!!

When my sister and I graduated college, we were lucky enough to spend a month backpacking around Europe. Italy was one of our stops, and we traveled through Florence, Venice and Rome, with a stop in at the Vatican!

One of the wildest memories I have of that trip is dancing the night away with the Swiss Guards! Yes, those guards, the one you see at the Vatican!! It’s an experience I’ll never forget.

So this month’s colorway is going to be in shades of greens, browns and peaches (because I always think of the countryside when I think of Italy LOL) with some purple thrown in to commemorate the uniforms of the Swiss Guards and that night!!

Available on all the bases from suri to worsted! Preorder will stay open until June 10th, with orders starting to ship by mid-month. All orders will be shipped by the end of June.