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What’s your Crafty Catchphrase?

We’ve welcomed a new high-tech helper into the studio this week, and can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on together! Along with a cute collection of shawl cuffs, we’ve been experimenting with a new line of hair and shawl pins. Each of these new additions is made from cork, an eco-friendly vegan alternative to leather. Our cork is, lightweight, washable, and has just the right blend of stiffness, flexibility, and a hint of stretchiness.

Of course, you know that I had to see how my new helper could handle my beloved butterflies! These shawl or hair pins come in two sizes and two colors. The pearl is so soft and ephemeral, with just a hint of shimmer, while the natural has playful flecks of metallic sparkle dancing throughout.

Since my community has long shown a preference for Celtic-inspired styles, my next test was to try out some Triquetras. I love how the knotwork shines in high contrast against the pearl, or with more subtle paths against a natural backdrop.

Each Crafty Catch Phrase Shawl Cuff comes emblazoned with a wearable reminder of your choice. I’ve selected a few of my favorites to start things off. You can also select Your Text Here and we’ll create a one-of-a-kind cuff just for you! What will your catchphrase be?