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Bridgerton Mystery Boxes

It has been whispered to This Author that Forbidden Fiber Co. has been seen shamelessly promoting their new mystery box inspired by that dreadful Bridgerton family. It was quite the topic of conversation at Lady Danbury’s ball last night. The Ambitious Mamas were dismayed to see their daughters huddled together, discussing the merits of knit versus crochet options, or perhaps even cross stitch, instead of filling their dance cards with determined bachelors. It is rumored that Afifa Knits designed the knit project, and Connie Lee Lynch the crochet project. Leann Ross, the proprietress of Forbidden Fiber Co, designed the cross stitch design.

While This Author understands the excitement, she believes the lack of suitors coming to call next week will be disappointing, especially to those misses who are already in their second and third seasons. It is recommended that you purchase your mystery box today, before all of London society descends upon the shop and they sell out.

Lady Whistledown Society Papers
April 22, 2021