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Fluffy Eldwick Lace

Hello from ECY Shedquarters,

Two posts in two weeks! This week we have had an update of Eldwick Lace, our fluffy superkid (ie the finest/softest we can get) mohair/silk laceweight yarn. It is a beautiful yarn to use on its own as well as held double with other yarns. When this yarn was first added to our range we wrote a blog post about it which you can see HERE. For inspiration of how to use Eldwick Lace check out our Projects and Patterns blog post HERE. There are so many lovely patterns that use this yarn so hopefully you will find something to get the creative juices flowing. I hope those are helpful and inspiring for you — I always love to revisit them when we link to them. 🥰

By the way, the fibre info on the yarn labels is slightly wrong (the website is correct) — it’s been changed from 70% superkid mohair/30% silk to 72% superkid mohair/28% silk. It turns out I missed this and didn’t update our labels before printing out about 150 of them, and I have to be honest I don’t think I can justify re-doing the entire lot for just 2% difference (the labels are costly these days and it’s the time we’d have to spent changing them all!). So I hope you can forgive me for that oversight!

Happy Shopping!