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Four Styles of Row Counters

Did you know we have four styles of row counters?

Two perfect for all your counting needs and two perfect for special situations.

That means you can choose the best counter for any project you can dream up!

Original Chain Counters:
– Great for any project
– Replace any regular stitch marker and just slip it to the next number when you come to it

Circle Counters:
– Perfect for any project but half the length of our original chain row counters
– Start on 0 or 1, whichever works best for you

Odd/even Counters:
– Designed especially for flat knitting
– Count your row at the beginning of the row, every row

Shortie Row Counters:
– Count up to five rows
– Great for those 4 row cable repeat projects

Grab one of each to be prepared for any counting situation!