May 10, 2022

Gone Knittin’

  • Skeins of yarn on blacked striped wool in various hues of blue, green and orange. A bait and tackle box charm that reads Gone knittin'.
  • Brightly colored blue, orange and green yarns.
  • A bait and tackle progress keeper that reads gone knittin' with two attachable stitch marker fishing lures.
  • Three skeins of yarn- blue tonal skein, a variegated orange and green skein, a speckled colorway with green, orange and blue speckles.
  • Speckled orange, blue, green, and yellow colorway on a black striped wool base.
  • Blue, purple and orange variegated skeins of yarn.

Inspired by lazy days on the lake, our new Gone Knittin’ collection reflects the vibrancy of the lake, the fishing gear and pontoon parties! Check out this gorgeous collection and reel in your biggest catch yet!

Lacking the proper gear? No problem — SamsTinyTrinkets has you covered with her amazing bait and tackle progress keeper that has two attachable stitch markers. That’s right! It HOLDS your stitch markers for you!
We are hosting a KAL knitting the Rock It Tee by Tanis Lavallee. Join us on Instagram. These colors make the perfect pairings for this gorgeous striped summer tee!