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Introducing a new product line to the shop!

Japanese Knot Bags are the perfect bag to carry your current project in! They also make great gifts for teachers, colleagues, kids, and your knitting or crochet friends. We just stocked two new whimsical, fun designs that will bring a smile to your face every time you reach for your current project.

It will hold 1-2 balls of yarn or a small wallet, keys, mobile phone, and more! This reversible knot bag with a round base is perfect for daily errands.

For a change of pace, turn it inside out for a completely different look. It has no zippers or buttons to catch on the yarn — just slip the long handle through the short handle to close the bag and go! This little bag makes it easy to knit while on go.

Bag measures approximately 9″ W x 12.5″ L including the handles.

We’ve also added some lavender sachets — perfect to keep bugs away from your stash or freshening up your sock drawer. You could also tuck one in with your precious finished objects in storage, ensuring that they’re fresh and bug free when the weather turns chilly!

And finally, our newest colorway: “Man Flu” (noun) — an illness that causes the male to be helpless and sicker than any other family member. In females: a cold. Couldn’t have said it better myself. We’ve all experienced man flu. It’s a debilitating illness that has no cure and makes loved ones wonder why they married the afflicted. This colorway is a nod to all of us who have conquered Man Flu and lived to tell about it.

It has turquoise, reds, and purples surrounded by grays. We’ve only got a few skeins left!