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Knit tip! How to not forget to increase (or decrease)…

Several months ago, I was knitting a sweater while on our weekly Wednesday Zoom knit night.

It was a pretty simple pattern, but I was at the point where I needed to decrease every sixth row for the shaping.

I was chattering away and just mindlessly knitting (as one does) and suddenly stopped.

“Gosh darn it! I blew past that decrease row AGAIN!”

Everyone laughed because we’ve all done it, even though I try to pick REALLY simple patterns to knit on knit night. (I just can’t reliably talk and concentrate on a pattern at the same time. 😂)

But Jean said something that changed my life forever.

“You just need to put a melody clip on the 6 loop of your counter so you don’t forget!”

Well, duh! That was EXACTLY what I needed!

So I dug a lovely amethyst melody stitch marker out of my tin and clipped it on my counter until I could make myself a specific “decrease” clip so there would be no doubt in my mind what that extra clip meant.

Then when I got to the studio the next day, I worked up an official set of “Increase / Decrease” clips SPECIFICALLY for my row counter.

So why am I telling you this today?

Well, because I had a new friend email me just the other day to ask if we had a solution for this very problem!

She had a pattern where she needed to increase every fourth row and just kept blowing past it. I was so happy to report that I knew that problem oh so well, and that yes, I had the perfect solution!

We have two types of these I & D reminder clips.

The small melody clip type is designed to go on your row counter. The large lobster claw type is designed to clip onto your actual knitting (or crochet) showing where the increase or decrease needs to go. Both are super helpful for those situations where you can’t devote your ENTIRE attention just to counting your rows (like all the time for me 😉).

If you think these little guys might be helpful for you, too, you can find them over on the website.

Happy knitting friend!