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Mind Wanderers Yarn Club

This new club for spring is dedicated to that special inner space, where we hide sometimes while knitting, that state of mind when thoughts just flow adrift and make us feel somehow lifted and lightened.

As knitters before being yarnmakers, Giulia and I often search for beautiful yarns and accessories to build our private, personal imaginary room where we can linger knitting in tranquility.

Now, it’s is a bit difficult to describe our vision for this club, as we wish to evoke feelings and perceptions that are by definition very personal and evanescent; in fact, we mean to celebrate delicacy and mild thoughts, when we linger with our needles moving smoothly, and the world seems to be set aside.

We were somehow forced to stay home, and time to reflect and knit became much more frequent than usual, so we rediscovered the beauty and sense of peace that we held in our hands, and minds.

So, the lightness inherent in our very special fibre, Cashmere, is the core of this club. Our Heavenly Blend is hand dyed in a unique ethereal colourway that we created to exalt its fluffiness and let it pass to our souls. We really hope that the hues we decided to dye for this occasion will match also your concept of MIND WANDERER, of flying thoughts and lightened spirits

We worked with two talented Italian artisans to create the right accessories to match both the yarn and our ideas, and we’re so happy with this collaboration!

Again, we created a bundle of evocative, charming and always useful handcrafted pieces, that, we hope, will bring some sheerness to your thoughts and knits

Please make note of a few useful bits of information about the club:

– Subscriptions will be listed in our online shop from May 22, 8 p.m. CEST

– Subscriptions will be open until May 31, unless they sell out before

– Subscriptions consist of only one shipment of the entire bundle that will be scheduled in early June

– As in previoous editions, we decided to list only a limited quantity of bundles, because they are handcrafted especially for this event and all unique

– Each club bundle will include 150g (three full skeins) of our most precious and beloved fingering yarn, a blend of Italian wool, Cashmere and alpaca in their natural grey and fawn hues, that is hand dyed exclusively for the club, and two different accessories, curated by our lovely partners Marcella of Latuamomis and Carla of Laboratorio Indie.