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New Free FALL Knitting & Crochet pattern for you!

My favorite thing happened last night…
I was sitting on my porch, absorbing the warm sunlight like the sunflower that I am and I heard the distinct rattle of dry leaves on the wind.

Aaaaaah *swoon*!
I instantly had visions of warm, sunny days walking through corn mazes, and candy apples, and big billowing piles of leaves crunching under my feet.

In other words, heaven.

Now I’m not ready for winter (it was a LOOOOONG winter last year) but I am soooo ready for that kind of in between zone of sunny days and harvest and fall, fall, fall!

So I think it’s the perfect time start making some pumpkins!

And this year I have both a knit AND a crochet version for you!!

Each pumpkin requires about 100 yards of yarn for the pumpkin body and 20 yards of accent yarn for the stem and leaf.

These cute samples are made in our very own Everyday Merino yarn and they just SCREAM fall to me. 🥰
Crochet – Terra Cotta & Pine
Knit – Ochre & Pine