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OOAK Update!

As an oil painter, I am always using turpentine to wash my brushes, and as such the liquid always become a muddle mixture of that day’s colors. Recently I started dyeing up some OOAK tonal skeins that I am playfully calling “Turpentine” for this same reason.

When I dye my variegated yarns with squirt bottles, I always have runoff. I just couldn’t see pouring it down the drain any more, and thus these skeins were born. Dyed solely from the runoff of my variegated yarns, each skein is unique in the way the colors mix and break in the pot and the way the yarn takes these colors. What looks green before can sometimes come out brown, or vise versa. It’s just so much fun to make these and I have had a wonderful response to them.

I have listed five new batches of these yarns, each colorway in two skeins, on my shop. Once they are gone, they’re gone. But there will always be more after my next dye session, so keep checking back!