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Understanding Interchangeables

Trying to decide on an interchangeable needle set reminds me of buying a home. Okay, maybe it’s not quite the same level of commitment, but in both cases, you’ll be living with the decision for a long time, and discovering the little flaws as you go. When I decided to add a few brands of interchangeable needles to my shop, I did a lot of research, and I figured other knitters could use it to, so I created a chart that compares 14 brands of needles. This chart gives you a side-by-side look at the most important elements of the best-known interchangeable knitting needles systems. While this may not offer enough detail for you to decide which kit is right for you, it will at least help you narrow it down to the systems you’d like to know more about. You’ll find it – along with some other posts about interchangeables – over on my blog.

In the end, I decided to stock ChiaoGoo metals needles, and KA Seeknit (based in Japan) bamboo needles to start my needle shop, but I am always open to answering questions and helping knitters find their dream needles, even if it leads you away from my shop.