June 19, 2020

Good news for needle collectors

  • A gold zippered case with a magenta pocket.
  • A gray and black case holding metal knitting needle tips.

The Knitter’s Book Case has gotten an expansion pack!

Earlier this spring, I introduced the Knitter’s Book Case, designed to hold multiple sets of interchangeable needles and leave lots of room for extras. But what if slots for up to 24 needle tips just isn’t enough? Introducing the Knitter’s Brief Case. This versatile interchangeable needle case can work as a standalone or as an add-on for the larger Knitter’s Book Case. With two pockets for cables, a large zippered pouch for notions and slots for up to nine pairs of needle tips, the Brief Case expands the capacity of the Knitter’s Book Case by more than a third, and has two slots devoted to really big needles – up to 15 mm.

Even when completely full, the Brief Case folds easily inside a jammed Book Case, adding only about 1″ to the width.

The Brief Case is also ideal for putting together a project-specific toolkit. Working on a pattern that calls for two needle sizes, three cord lengths, snips, stitch holders and a darning needle? Move them from your larger case to the Brief Case for the duration of the project.

Just like the Book Case, the Brief Case is made from 100% wool felt and suede and is cut and assembled by hand in Montreal.

April 17, 2020

The Ultimate Interchangeable Needle Case

  • A pink and tan case holding knitting needles and a pair of scissors.
  • Navy blue and hot pink cases.

Introducing the Knitter’s Book Case, an interchangeable needle case that is designed for the knitter with a large collection of tools. With ample space for multiple needle sets and essential notions, you can store everything in one place. Unlike a needle roll, the Knitter’s Book Case stays flat and keeps its shape even when full. It’s about the size of an iPad or a notebook (hence the name) and fits easily into most bags and purses.

A few highlights:
Slots for up to 24 pairs of interchangeable needle tips
Maximum needle size 10mm, can store needle tip lengths from 3.75″ to 6″
Four pockets for cables – sort by length or by brand
Large zippered pocket for notions and add-ons like connectors and stoppers – will even fit crochet hooks and DPNs up to 8″ long
Magnetized area for stitch markers & darning needles – strong enough to keep even large items like scissors in place, even when you are on the go

The cases are handmade in small batches in Montreal from the finest materials. The exterior and lining are 100% wool felt, an ecological and sustainable fabric that meets OEKO-TEX standards for safety and the interior pockets are suede, ideal for keeping needles firmly in place – no more wandering needle tips!