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Purl Clutch-New Pattern from Terri at AT Haynes House Yarns

Recently, Terri met a group of knitters that liked purling better than knitting. And she gasped and clutched her pearls… until she stopped and thought about it. What so bad about purling? Is it that you have to slow down to purl? Is slowing down a bad thing or does it help us more be present in our project?

Introducing Purl Clutch, a two-color, DK-weight shawl that will help you embrace your purls or love them even more. Don’t be afraid to pair your highly variegated or speckled colorways with this one. AT Haynes House Yarns has created a collection of colorways that are perfect for Purl Clutch. The Nervous Nilly collection include four colorways based on when the Haynes are uneasy.

The pattern and colorways are available here.