June 14, 2016

Something spicy, Arya Stark tribute, cuter ways to measure, instant gratification super bulky, and more!

Hi, you guys! It’s been awhile since I had even a moment to sit down and give all of you an update. I’m not sure if I am ready to party, or a little wistful that all of my spring fiber festivals are over. But yes, the summer lull between festivals has arrived. That means more shop updates for you, with more stuff every week.

And I’ve got NEW STUFF! I’ve been on a crafting binge lately, and truthfully, nothing is safe from my new fabric obsession. Hand-decorated fabric-covered tape measures are now in the Groovy Hues shop! I’ve had a hard time parting with some of them, but there are only so many WIPs I can measure at once. I have them for most every fandom, with more being added every few days.

We just had a shop update recently, and the “Some Like It Hot” kits are incredibly popular. I have just a handful left, and they are on special for $6 off. They make the most adorable buffalo wing and celery socks — I am finished with one sock, and I am well on my way to finally completing the second. I rarely keep anything I make, but this is some selfish knitting, my friends. I love buffalo wings and hot sauce more than anything in the universe. If I ever get married, that is going to be my wedding dinner — I swear it. The bags are made by Jennifer Franc of Otterly Adorable Knits — she has been my friend for over three decades, and her craftsmanship is top notch.

Hmm… what else? Yarn! Tons and tons of yarn! Do you have a hankering for some instant gratification projects? The super bulky I’ve tossed into the shop is perfect for you. It is a deliciously soft single-ply, and resists pilling nicely. It’s an incredible comfort skein. You can pet it, and pet it, and all of your troubles will melt away into the glorious squish! Luxury bases — I’ve got some new ones on tap now, too! There’s an Merino/Cashmere/Silk that is absolutely dreamy. The “I Don’t Need Saving!” colorway hit the shop a few days ago, and it was an instant hit. I can’t stop dyeing it, so I have simply listed this one as “dyed to order.” I’m pumping them out pretty quick, though. The wait shouldn’t be too long. There’s a mohair sock yarn that has several different colorways, and I just love the stuff.

Honestly, I can’t describe it all — I’d be here all day, and I’d bore you to tears! So, go check it out in the Groovy Hues Etsy shop — let me know what you think.

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Until next time! Thanks for reading — Enjoy!