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The D’aeki Wrap

The D’aeki Wrap is so eye-catching… and yet deceptive in its simplicity. Created from layer upon layer of the smallest of building blocks — each one quick on its own but all together combining into an absolutely spectacular result — it is the perfect project for SpaceCadet’s Mini-Skeins or any collection of colours just waiting for the right pattern to show themselves off!

Featuring a herringbone pattern that effortlessly shifts the colour flow along the length of the piece and uses the Join As You Go method for knitting vertical sections together (without any sewing up at all!), the D’aeki Wrap creates an intriguing textural contrast, with one side beautifully smooth and the other showing off the lovely boxed effect of the picked-up stitches and joins. And because each garter stitch block knits up so quickly, allowing you to move on to the next block (and a new colour!) in no time, it’s that perfect combination of both relaxing and yet endlessly interesting.