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TRY Club

It’s finally here! Are you ready for TRY?

What is TRY? Together Robledal and Yedra.

TRY is a union between friends from different countries, we come together to collaborate in bringing you a creative, fun, traveling project that would make you dream in these uncertain times.

TRY is where we come together to offer you a special and exclusive Club. For the first edition, we — YedraKnits, based in the Netherlands, and El Robledal de la Santa out of Spain — are partnering with Dark Omen Yarn from Italy and Antonino of Beagle Knits, also based in Spain.

In our first TRY Club, you will receive one skein from Dark Omen Yarn, another skein from us, El Robledal, a knitting pattern from Beagle Knits and a surprise gift.

Are you ready for this adventure? We hope you will like it as much as we enjoyed organising it!