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We’re Moving Sale! New Discount Every Day!

It’s hard to believe that we have been in our current studio for three years. So much has happened! We grew out of this tiny 710-square-foot place almost six months after we moved in, if you can believe it! After that, we were constantly looking for new ways to organize and keep projects separate. Necessity is the mother of invention is our motto!!!! Our lease being up was the perfect motivation to shake everything loose and re-assess! We signed a new lease this week just a little way down the road for a space that is twice as big, and has so many awesome opportunities, I can’t wait to see what the future holds!!

The moving process in Southern California is super rigged for the affluent. It is hard to be a small biz and do all the things that are needed. It’s costly and stressful. To help us with the cash flow during this busy time, we have set up a moving sale with a different item on sale every day until we are completely moved! Your support keeps us going! Please take advantage of these awesome deals, and even if you can’t we will take all the good moving vibes you can send us!!!

I am posting up the next three days of sales here, and after that you will need to check us out on Ravelry, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or sign up for our newsletter.

Thank you all!!! <3