July 16, 2019

Fall Colors and Holiday Kits

  • A skein of green yarn

Fall is just around the corner! I am getting ready early with some beautiful new colorways and kits. My inspiration for these colors come from my favorite parts of the Autumn season. The kits I am offering are the Spooky Donuts Halloween Kit which ships September 1st and the 12 Days of Seuss Winter Holiday Kit which will ship December 1st. I have paired up with two other awesome makers, Charmed and Dangerous and One Sock Wonder Bags for these kits, so be prepared for something spectacular.

March 16, 2019

Spring Collection

  • Yarn with red, white and purple stripes.

Hello Lovelies! It’s time for another shop update. This collection celebrates spring and all of its beautiful color combos. As mentioned in my last update, sock blanks will now be a regular thing over here at HighFiberArtz and these new ones do not disappoint! I have also added a new self-striping sock colorway called Bunny Hops that is just delightful. I brought back categories by weight and this should make navigating the site a bit easier for everyone. I really hope you enjoy these new pretties and some old favorites as much as I do.

February 22, 2019

Inspiration collection

I really wanted to come up with a collection that showed off my style of dyeing. I have never been one to “throw dye at a pot.” For me to create I have to feel truly inspired and this is why I have not come out with “new” colorways in a while.

This collection was created to show what inspires me and why I love dyeing yarn so much. Sock blanks will also now be a regular thing as I have finally mustered up the courage to start painting them. When I first started dyeing I hand painted all of my fiber so I felt this to be a natural progression for me. I hope you love this collection as much as I do, I believe it to be my best work yet. Enjoy!!

P.S. all pictures used as inspiration were taken by people in my life or permission was given and credited on each listing.

January 21, 2019

Fiber Art for Modern People

What pushes you to create? For me, environment has always been a huge factor in my visionary process. When I started crocheting years ago I always wondered why the colors in my head were never available on the yarn I was purchasing. Although there is beautiful hand-dyed yarn available everywhere, this is really what sparked me to start fulfilling the ideas in my head.

As a fiber artist located in Salem, Oregon, who also processes and spins, I have been committed to finding the best quality sources for my hand-dyed yarn to bring you a product that is truly one of a kind. Upon visiting the website, you will find gorgeous colorways inspired by things around me, available in weights from lace to worsted. I have been around since 2017 and am dedicated to bringing Fiber Art to Modern People.