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Showing Undercover Otter

It’s finally here! The 2023 Queerdo Collection!
The Undercover Otter / Wee Yarn Company crossover no one asked for, but you’re getting anyway. 😉

Undercover Otter and The Wee Yarn Company have joined forces for the 2023 Pride Collection and we’ve created six exclusive colorways in support of the LGBTQIA+ community, available on two delicious yarn bases.

This collaboration aims to spread love, acceptance, and awareness for the community while also giving back. For every skein sold (at a retail price of €25,- incl. VAT), we are donating €2,50 to LGBT+ Asylum Support. A Dutch non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in 2015 that provides guidance and support to LGBT+ asylum seekers in the Netherlands.

Ross and I have been having a blast making vibrant colorways that celebrate Queer Joy and if I may say so myself, we’ve succeeded in creating stunning colorways that represent the vibrancy and diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community. Each skein of yarn will be carefully dyed by hand, creating unique and one-of-a-kind color variations that are sure to inspire creativity and spark joy in every crafter who uses them.

But this collaboration means so much more than just creating beautiful yarn. It’s about standing in solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community and using our platform to support and uplift their voices. As solo-preneurs, we firmly believe in the importance of human rights and inclusivity, and we are committed to doing our part to create a more accepting and loving world.

We also have a little gift for everyone who orders four skeins (or more) from this collection in the shape of an amazing shawl pattern designed by @pufidoknits using our Queerdo Collection colorways. Yiğitcan is a knitwear designer based in Istanbul and currently pursuing their masters degree in Textile and Design. We’ve had some sneak previews of the design and I can tell you it’s going to be amazing!

So, whether you’re an avid knitter or just looking for a way to show your support for the LGBTQIA+ community, we invite you to join us in this exciting collaboration. By purchasing one of our exclusive hand-dyed yarn colorways, you can make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Let’s spread love, acceptance, and inclusivity one skein at a time!

Are you ready to light up your knitting game?

Don’t miss out on the Squirm Sock yarn extravaganza that’s live on the Undercover Otter website right now!

Our semi-solid heavy update has the perfect colors for adding some fun and funky vibes to your next project.

All skeins are hand dyed with love and care in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and these stunning (often UV-reactive) colorways will make your creations shine brighter than a ’90s kid at a rave. Whether you’re making socks, scarves, sweaters, or anything in between, our yarn will ensure that your work stands out in a crowd. Don’t settle for being okay, live life the way you’re meant to — awesomely!

So what are you waiting for? Shop now and get ready to turn heads with your bold and beautiful creations!

Hey guys, gals and non-binary pals!

It’s Aiden here, from Undercover Otter, and I’ve got some exciting news to share with you. After some brainstorm sessions with the lovely people that produce our yarn bases, we found room for improvement on our (already pretty friggin’ amazing) Squirm Sock yarn base!

The result is an even softer, springier yarn than ever! Squirm Sock is spun exclusively for Undercover Otter and not available anywhere else. Squirm is a high twist, 4-ply, fingering-weight yarn. The contents are 80% Superwash Merino wool (21.5 microns) and 20% nylon. Each skein contains approximately 400 meters per 100 grams (437 yards per 3.5 oz). The high twist gives the yarn a velvety look and makes it feel next-to-skin soft.

Squirm Sock is perfect for making socks (duh), shawls, cowls and other garments that need a bit of extra cushion. It’s also great for knitting or crocheting toys or any other projects that you want to be extra soft and squishy! It is not only soft but also very durable, making it perfect for garments that you want to have in your life for a long time.

The first batch of this delicious yarn base is now available on our website.

We also offer undyed skeins, which can be used as a neutral cream color to add to your projects. Or, if you’ve got an adventurous streak; dye your own skeins! Squirm takes acid dye very well and saturates easily, making it a perfect yarn for (beginning) dyers to experiment with.

Squirm Info:
Fiber contents: 80% Extrafine Superwash Merino | 20% nylon
Weight per skein: 100 grams | 3,5 oz
Running Length: 400 meters | 437 yards
Yarn Weight: Fingering / Sock / 4-ply
Threads: 4-ply spun, High Twist

We are delighted with this new and improved Squirm Sock base and hope you all will love it just as much.

Stay Awesome!

Halloween is the best holiday there is. Ghosts, ghouls, goblins — and an indie dyer that fits into at least two of those three categories — are inviting you to join this festival of Macabre Misfits with our bi-yearly What’s in the Box?! box.

The Yarn:
This year we are launching a luxury yarn base: Dusk Sock, a deliciously soft and sturdy yarn, made up of 70% Superwash Merino, 20% yak and 10% nylon.

Thanks to the yak fibers, Dusk Sock has a beautiful heathered base color, similar to our Eventide yarns. Dyeing Dusk Sock is an amazing adventure. The colors come out vibrant and rich, while having that luxurious flavor of a heathered yarn base.

Our What’s in the Box?! box will feature 13 mini skeins, of 20 grams each, with a running length of 80 meters.

WHAT’S IN THE BOX!? Box 2022 includes:
• 13 20-gram mini skeins in our brand new Yak Sock base
• Information on all the colorways and what inspired them
• Little gifts to aid you in your crafting needs
• Early access to our October Shop Update (including 100-gram skeins of the all new Dusk Sock base!)
• A 20% discount code redeemable on your next order (also valid on the October update!)

Everything in the Box will be “Undercover Otter flavored” (AKA: creepy, just like us).

The Inspiration:
This year we’re getting our inspiration from the 2001 horror movie Thir13en Ghosts. It’s an underappreciated—accidental—masterpiece (and homage to the original Thirteen Ghosts, released in the ‘50s). If you want to know why, you’ve come to the right place.

In Thirteen Ghosts we follow widower Arthur Kriticos (played by Tony Shaloub, pre-Monk fame) who inherits a house from an uncle he didn’t even know he had (sus, but okay). With a plethora of outstanding bills and overdue payments, Arthur sees no other option than taking the gamble. He packs up the entire family and goes to check out their sweet new digs.

On arrival, some “interested parties” join them, all with their own reason to seek entrance to the Kriticos mansion. That’s when things go awry and we’re treated to some delicious tropes like occult books and ominous chanting.

I have to give a shout out to the ever exceptional Matthew Lillard. He “Lillards” the absolute f*ck out of this movie. It’s glorious and makes the movie so much better than it has any right to be.

As you’d expect from an early 2000s horror movie, this film is chock full of cliches and special effects (both digital and practical). Some hold up, some definitely don’t. Thirteen Ghosts rehashes the late ‘90s and early 2000s B-horror vibe, while desperately wanting to become a smash hit. It never became a cinematic masterpiece, but there is so much about this movie that is perfect, and I need to share my love for it.

We are basing all 13 otter pups (20-gram mini skeins) on the titular ghosts from this movie. Pulling information from their backstories and combining them with the on screen visuals.

This month’s update at Undercover Otter features our new yarn base: BIOSOCK.

I’ll be honest, I’ve heavily fallen for this yarn base. It’s soft as butter, works up quickly in projects and takes dye vividly. This smooth 4-threaded fingering weight yarn is a perfect mashup between the softness of Merino wool and the longevity of nylon, with a biodegradable twist. It knits up perfectly for garments and other next-to-skin soft items.

BIOSOCK is our first yarn base that uses biodegradable nylon. This yarn will last as long as any other nylon blend since the nylon will only degrade when it reaches the garbage processing facility. There, special enzymes and micro-organisms are added to the waste, which break down the biodegradable nylon in the course of three years instead of the 40 years it takes most man-made fibers to be broken down.

The deets:
Fiber contents: 75% Superwash Merino / 25% Biodegradable Nylon
Weight per skein: 100 grams / 3,5 oz
Running Length: 400 meters / 437 yards
Yarn Type: Fingering / Sock
Threads: 4-ply spun

With a yarn base called BIOSOCK, you probably already guessed that we got our inspiration for this month’s update from the Bioshock games. I (Aiden) love these dystopian games, even though some of them are getting eerily close to current day events.

We dyed up a bunch of semisolids in especially our Neon and UV reactive range, as well as a bunch of amazing colorful speckles that were first featured in our Pride Collection earlier this year. You can also find a range of three-skein sets on our website, which are perfect as a springboard for your creativity.

Last but not least, we’ve updated our sale section, so have a browse and snag up a bargain!

Hey there Creature of the Night!

The spookiest weekend is upon us, and at Undercover Otter we’re celebrating it with a 10% discount on everything in the online shop.

Yes, I said everything.

What are you waiting for? Get your ghoulish rears to the shop.

Stay Awesome, Stay Spooky.


Discount code will be automagically applied and is valid until November 1st 2021. Valid on all orders over €50,- excl. VAT. The discount will be displayed on the checkout screen.

It’s that time of the year again. The most spooky of seasons is rapidly closing in on us, like a slasher to their last victim.

This year we’re offering an exclusive colorway dyed on our Squirm Sock yarn base.
As inspiration we’re using the original Halloween movies, and its many sequels, re-imaginings, reboots and other incarnations, especially the 2018 continuation of the original Halloween, in which Laurie Strode has to face off with Michael again after him being incarcerated for 40 years.

You can see a sneak peek at the colors we’re being inspired by in the second image. Yes, there will be neons, no it will not be a semisolid, that’s all we’re saying for now though. 😉

We offer 2 options to choose from:

Option 1 – Yarn & Swag Bag, which contains:
– 1 Skein of Squirm Sock in the Halloween 2021 surprise colorway;
– 1 Neon is my Neutral Tote Bag;
– 1 Neon is my Neutral Notions Pouch;
– 1 Set of 4 Slasher Otter Stickers;
– 1 Set of 4 Neon is my Neutral sew-in tags;
– 2 Undercover Otter Enamel Pins (Slasher Otter & Your Mother Darns Socks in Hell);
– 1 Your Mother Darns Socks in Hell Iron-on Patch;
– 1 Mask to bring out your inner beauty.

Option 2 – Yarn Only, which contains:
– 1 Skein of Squirm Sock in the Halloween 2021 surprise colorway;
– 1 Set of 4 Slasher Otter Stickers;
– 1 Mask to bring out your inner beauty.

Items are ready to ship on September 30th.
If your order contains items next to the 2021 Halloween Special, they will all ship at the same time.

Join Undercover Otter on an adventure in 2019 in which we highlight the life and growth of The Igor in show business through offbeat and colorful hand-dyed yarns!

In 2019, we’re stepping up our yarn club game by turning it into a monthly festival of yarn with the bonus of interesting facts in what we like to call our “Ghoul School.”

When you think of Frankenstein as a collective mythology, there are a few specific things that come to mind. Naturally there’s the mad doctor, a gloomy laboratory and a creature cobbled together from random body parts. But one trope that seems unparalleled in its ubiquity is the presence of an “Igor,” a slightly awkward assistant to their “Master.” You may be surprised to hear that no such character ever appeared in Mary Shelley’s original book. But with all the adaptations that her book has gone through, Igor “stuck” after he came into existence and is now synonymous with the henchman of the mad and power hungry.

Why, though, has Igor stayed with us as a concept? Why have often hunchbacked, assistants become so entangled with the Frankenstein stories? In 2019 we are going to take you on a journey to discover how the Igor archetype developed and which movies played an integral part in the ongoing legacy of our favorite helping hand (attachment of said hand optional).

In this cinematic yarn club, we will be diving into the first onscreen Igor, the first female Igor, an Igor-flavored horror host, a comedic Igor, singing Igors, unconventional Igors and modern Igors.

Being part of the Clan of Igors means an exclusive Igor colorway shows up to your doorstep, ready to aid you in your fiber crafts. To best cater to our sock, shawl and garment knitting members, the Clan of Igors colorways are available on five different bases: Squirm, Strain, Mighty Merino, Singularity and Mighty Merino DK.

Colorways are revealed publicly at the end of the month. Colorways made in this monthly club are exclusive to the members of the Clan of Igors for six months. After this, we might add them to our colorway portfolio. Some of our source material may be in black and white, but trust us, the skeins we send out will not be monochrome. You know us by now — neon is our neutral.

What’s included every month?
– Your Clan of Igors shipment contains a unique colorway, hand dyed by Undercover Otter in the yarn base of your choice.
– Depending on which of the two subscriptions you pick, you will receive one or two skeins; in the case of the two-skein subscription, both skeins will be dyed in that month’s colorway.
– Also included is information on how that month’s Igor relates to cinema and why we love them so much.
– Any and all extras included differ per month.

The List of Movies we will be exploring:
January: Frankenstein (1931)
February: Dracula (1931)
March: Son of Frankenstein (1939)
April: House of Dracula (1945)
May: Horror hosts of the late 60s
June: Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966)
July: Monster Party (1969)
August: Young Frankenstein (1974)
September: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)
October: Frankenhooker (1990)
November: Victor Frankenstein (2015)
December: The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Want to join in on this horror-flavored fun fest? Signups are now live on

In the past year we’ve noticed that some of our colorways run out faster than others, which means we had to disappoint quite some people that are looking for that sweater quantity of Scumbot from one dyebath, or a specific combination for the latest Fade fad. To remedy this (and keep our sanity intact) we’ve decided to open up preorders while we’re looking for a bigger studio (so we can get back to regular updates).

Pick your poison and combine our palette of 40+ repeatable colorways with three different fingering weight bases: Squirm Sock, Mighty Merino and Singularity.

Preorders are open right now and run till January 28th 2018. All preorders will be dyed, dried and dispatched in week 4 and 5 (22 January – 5 February).