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A Where We Knit-themed anniversary giveaway of Lakes Yarn & Fiber

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drops of honey

One of the ways Indie Untangled has changed over the past year was the addition of the Where We Knit yarn club. I brought together four dyers and four designers, as well as four knitting accessories makers I had gotten to know, to create packages themed around where people knit.

The first pairing of Ami Volz of Lakes Yarn and Fiber and designer Janina Kallio was more wonderful than I could have imagined, and I can’t wait to show off my Drops of Honey Shawl in a few weeks at Maryland Sheep & Wool.

Ami ended up dyeing extra skeins of her golden Drops of Honey color, which is exclusive to the club, so I thought they would make the perfect giveaway prize to celebrate Indie Untangled’s second anniversary in April! I’m giving away one on here and one on Facebook. To enter this giveaway, comment on this post with your favorite place to knit. You have until the end of the day my time on Monday, April 18, to comment.

This contest is now closed. Congrats to winner Elizabeth Quinn!


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46 Responses

  1. My favorite place to sit and knit is with friends at my LNS, on Monday afternoons. Then my second favorite place is in my home quietly meditating with every stitch.

  2. I usually end up knitting at home, but my favorite place is a small locally owned coffee shop with free in house refills and sits in an old school building.

  3. I am pretty flexible when it comes to knitting (pretty much anywhere I can sit down). But I would have to say that my current fav place is my LYS, iYarn. There is always pleasant company and a bit of inspiration to be found there.

  4. I like to knit in bed under the covers late at night. (I also must like ripping out mistakes in the morning when I’m actually awake enough to follow a pattern. LOL.)

  5. I like to knit where ever I’m at. I LOVE knitting with my aunts, but it doesn’t happen often. I get the most knitting done on my couch, next to my Ott Light, after the kids are in bed.

  6. My most common place to knit is in front of the tv, at home, watching Rangers games or tennis. My favorite place to knit is anywhere with a friend who is also knitting!

  7. My favorite place to knit is in my living room snuggled on the couch watching Netflix and drinking my tea. My five year old likes to snuggle in beside me and watch too.

  8. I am happy knitting just about anywhere, but my favorite spot would be a special place I have by the river, listening to water and all of the sounds of nature.

  9. I love to knit at friends’ houses when we do “crafternoons” and everyone brings a project they’re working on. We have tea, snacks, and sometimes end up getting more talking than crafting done, but it’s always a good time.

  10. Usually, just sitting on the sofa after work, since I need a good light to see in the evenings. On the weekends in warm weather, out on the balcony is my favorite place.

  11. My favorite place to knit is ANYWHERE (on road trips w/my husband, sitting outside my grandson’s grade school waiting for the final bell to release him into my care, w/my knitting group, early in the morning, middle of the day, on knitting retreats, on an airplane)! Any place I can have needles in hand is a good place to knit.

  12. My fave place to knit is on my couch in front of the fire, candles lit and classical music playing… guilt-free 🙂

  13. I knit EVERYWHERE! I love knitting with friends at the lys or at one of our homes, however, I admit to knitting compulsively on the sofa in front of the tv.

  14. My favorite place to knit is in the passenger seat of our RV. It has all the things I love at my fingertips: the yarn, the needles, the coffee mug, the Sweetie-Man I married, the funny dog between us, and America beyond the windshield. Bliss, I tell ya.

  15. My favorite place to knit is really anywhere that is comfortable, and where I can have my cup of tea.

  16. My favorite place to knit is sitting at home in my favorite “knitting” chair listening to an audiobook with a cup of tea with honey from my bees in my tea!

  17. I love knitting on my balcony during warmer weather, especially Saturdays – a cold libation, life on the street, the saxophone player who lives below me and jams with friends, and my artist & crafter friends who come to hang out.

  18. My favorite place to knit is in an airport. Wow, can knitting make the waiting go fast and block out all the confusion! Also very calming after the security check in and long lines.

  19. From my seat on on a train, bus, or plane while I’m on my way somewhere new. On any other day, at the local bar for stitch and bitch or on my sofa with Big Bang Theory on the TV.

  20. My favorite place to knit is in my living room in my oversized comfy chair … At night when the little guy is sleeping, of course!! 🙂

  21. I like to knit and take a break on our balcony overlooking the bay. It’s quiet and reminds me to take a second for myself 🙂

  22. My absolute favorite place to knit is outside in the grass on a warm spring day. Our yard is small and shady, so I generally do this at a local park or on my college campus.

  23. I love to knit semi-reclining on a chaise in the bedroom with the sun streaming in the doors that look into the backyard.
    Carol b (cl crs)

  24. I love to knit snuggled inside in the winter but I think summer is my favorite time to knit on my deck in the bright sun with my 2 labs by my side.

  25. A good coffee shop, preferably with lots of natural lighting and a fellow knitting to talk sheepish with.

  26. My favourite place to knit is at home on my couch. I know that’s not the most interesting answer, but I like to be able to focus on the knitting.

  27. Favorite place to knit is with knitting friends anywhere. Love the inspiration that comes from those meet ups.

  28. I normally knit at home, on my couch, often watching my husband play video games 😛
    But knitting on transit (whether it’s plane, train, bus…) always feels so productive!

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