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Knitting art for your craft room

My husband and I are mostly unpacked since moving into our new apartment this past fall, but it was only recently that we started the process of hanging up our art and photographs. We realized we have a lot of empty wall space! This includes my office/craft room. I finally sprung for the Fringe Supply Co. yarn pyramid print that I’ve long coveted, and that sent me down the rabbit hole of knitting art on Etsy. Here are some of my favorite discoveries:

Knitting seascape from ekatearcherShop
Things I’ve learned from knitting illustration by JMillsPaints
Cable watercolor painting by LesiaBinkinArt
Knitting sheep art print from doodleandhoob
Knitting needle patent posters from WunderkammerStudio
I’m busy knitting/crocheting print from TinyCurlShop
Gray cable painting by PigmentandPurl
Yarn love print by ArtbyTaymarie
Abstract giclee print by The Knitting Artist


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  1. I have a couple of Erin Kate’s prints in my studio and I love them. They’re so beautifully done.

    Thank you for sharing. This really helps inspire me 🙂

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