An Indie Untangled gift guide for yarn crafters

With all the great indie made goodies out there, it can be hard to find the perfect gift for your fellow maker (or decide what you want yourself). I’ve put together a selection of products from Indie Untangled vendors, and the Indie Untangled website, to help you narrow things down. Happy shopping!

A small tote bag with spruce trees block printed in black.

These bags from Crista Jaeckel are all ready for gifting! They are block printed on fabric by hand — Crista drew the trees and worked with her daughter, who carved the block. You can personalize your bag by choosing either red dots or multicolored dots on your trees. The waxed canvas base will be either red or green, for a fun surprise!

Skein of Rusty Red and Olive Fingering weight yarn plus 6 coordinating mini skeins.

This mini skein set from Teresa of Sunny Day Fiber has the perfect “warm, cozy, sit by the fire and knit” feel. Use it to knit up a sock with contrasting heels and toes and use the extras for a few ornaments. The set comes with one 100g skein and six 20g skeins in a 75/25 Superwash Merino/nylon fingering weight.

Portraits of famous queens on a gold background.

The Queen’s Box from La Cave à Laine is a collaboration between five European designers and creators who Sara says “have combined their talents to make us Queens!” It’s a calendar that you open every day from December 25 to January 6, or Queen’s Day in Europe. It includes:

Six mini skeins of Fingering Lane by Deborah of Swiss company Penny Lane Yarns
Four mini skeins from Kidsilk Lane from Penny Lane Yarns
One knitting pattern by Swiss designer Frida Franckié
One knitting pattern by Sara Maternini of La Cave à Laine, based in France
One haberdashery item from La Cave à Laine
One haberdashery item from Cécile of Atelier Camelir, a French ceramic creator
A few surprises

Boxes are available to preorder only until Saturday, November 19.

Four small images of the same light-skinned woman wearing a the same knitted wrap four different ways.

The Tea Time Wrap kit from West 7th Wool comes with three 50g skeins of 7th Street Singles (100% SW Merino single-ply) to knit this simple project that’s perfect for the busy season. The construction is simple: four panels of stockinette stitch knit with very large needles separated by rows of garter stitch knit with smaller needles, creating a versatile shawl/wrap/scarf. Choose from Cream Tea or Winter Tea colors.

An arrangement of monster bulky minis.

We all know that bulky projects are the way to go during the winter. Judy and Emily of Jems Luxe Fibers stand out by selling bulky 20g mini skeins, allowing you to add colorwork to your favorite bulky pattern. Available in single skeins or sets of five.

A pair of handknit socks made from a variety of mini skeins in different colors and stitch patterns.

The Topsy-Turvy Socks from Jenny of Kountingsheep are inspired by Alice in Wonderland and are the perfect festive attire for your feet. The pattern includes three sizes, written top down with a slip stitch heel flap and Kitchener toe. Use nine mini skeins to create this fun and quirky pattern!

Purple, aqua and green tweed bags with brown leather straps sit across a mannequin.

The Harris Sling Bag, an Indie Untangled exclusive, is hand crafted in six different colorways of beautiful Harris Tweed from Adabrock Weaving Company in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides. These bags are the perfect size to carry around a small accessory project, plus your everyday essentials, with one open and one zippered pocket — I’ve been using mine as a purse. It comes with a size-inclusive leather strap that can adjust from approximately 30″ to 48″.



A collage with a wreath of brown, orange and cream flora; blue buildings and a sea; a saxophone and a glass of whiskey and a moody lake.

If you don’t want to have to worry about holiday shipping deadlines, this quarterly club is the perfect gift for your favorite indie yarn lover! The 2023 Indie Untangled Where We Knit Yarn Club brings together four indie dyer and designer teams from around the world. Each pair will create a colorway and an accompanying accessory pattern, drawing inspiration from various places where they whip out their works in progress.

A dark wooden phone stand.

The ingenious Maple Phone Stand from Canada-based Thread & Maple helps keep your digital patterns in view while holding stitch markers, scissors and darning needles securely on a magnetic tray.

White mugs that say Indie AF and Indie as fuck.

Show off your indie cred with this one of these mugs, made custom for Indie Untangled by Portland, Oregon-based JaMpdx. Available in “slightly spicy” and non-PG “extra spicy.”

Dark green gift tags that say "handmade with love" rest on a skein of light gray yarn sitting in a woven basket.

Make sure to top off your handmade gift with a special tag from Augusta of adKnits. Each set comes with 10 2″ x 3.5″ tags and strings. The back includes a “to/from” and care instructions section.

The 2022 KAL/CAL winners!

We’re so excited to share the winners of this year’s Indie Untangled make-a-long! This KAL/CAL included projects completed between June 1 and Indie Untangled on October 14. There were 14 winners in seven categories, chosen by random number generator. Here is their beautiful work.


A light blue speckled lace cowl held up by light-skinned hands.

Dawn’s Meraki cowl (Ravelry link)


A red, green, yellow and gray striped hat with a gray fur pompom.

Deborah’s July Hat (Ravelry link)



A pruple and white striped and lace shawl.

Sandy’s Flowla (Ravelry link)


White socks with a blue cuff.

Anh’s Euphorium (Ravelry link)

A pair of pink socks with a red stripe on sock blockers.

Lisa’s Porch Light (Ravelry link)

Sweater – Adult


What to stash this week: Fleece Navidad

If you’d like a yarny experience from Spain, Aitana Villa, who is based in Catalonia, has a 2022 Advent set available to order. Enjoy a treat each Sunday in December, with four skeins of yarn in special colorways on a variety of bases (including Merino/nylon, alpaca/Merino/cotton and mohair) and a special surprise on Christmas Day. There will be a shawl pattern to tie it all together and some extra goodies.

A bouquet of pink roses and the text La Societa della Giardiniere, A collectable surprise club for 2023.

Sara of La Cave à Laine is launching the second year of her club inspired by La Società delle Giardiniere, the female branch of Carboneria, a network of secret revolutionary societies active in Italy at the beginning of the 19th century. This year’s club is themed around tools, notions and more!

A young light-skinned woman in a black dress and a colourful chevron wrap, standing underneath a graffiti'd bridge and gazing upward with a look of strength on her face, and the text Deflection Wrap by Jade Keaney.

The new Deflection Wrap by Jade Keaney from the SpaceCadet team shows off mini skeins using a chevron structure and textured stitches. The pattern is 25% off for one week only!

A square divided into four quadrants, each with a different colorway of yarn knitted up: blue with speckles, multi colored, red and yellow, and light turquoise with colorful speckles. The square has the words "Cranky Socks" in the middle.

If the time commitment has put you off handknit socks, then try one of Olive & Two Ewe Studios’ Cranky Sock Kits! It’s not a pair of ill-tempered socks. Rather, each kit contains a cranked sock tube in your choice of colorway, a coordinating mini for coordinating heels and toes and instructions on how to bring it all together.

wo light-skinned women, one wearing a long cardigan and the other a pullover in gray-blue yarn with red-purple bobbles.

Sockeye, the Barker Wool Knitting Our National Parks colorway inspired by sockeye salmon swimming by Brooks Falls in Alaska’s Katmai National Park & Preserve, is available to preorder through today only!

Pictured here are Dawn and I kinda-sorta twinning in our assigned pooling sweaters at Indie Untangled. I’m in the soon-to-be released Llano pullover. If you’d like to make it, the pattern calls for 3-5 skeins depending on your bust size: 3 for 30”-38”, 4 for 40”-56” and 5 for 58”-60″ (though I would highly recommend getting an extra skein or two because I used up almost all of three skeins for the size 30 and two gauge swatches.

Five skeins of yarn: two skeins of dark grey, two skeins of purple and one skein of orange.

Just in time for the end of Socktober, Victoria has updated her site with full and mini skeins of Brimham 4ply, Eden Cottage Yarns’ extrafine Merino/nylon sock yarn.

Get to know Signature Needle Arts


This is the seventh in a series of blog posts featuring the fabulous sponsors of Indie Untangled, taking place on October 14, 2022 and online. If you’re attending the show, you’ll get to try out Signature needles in the lounge area and they’ll be available for purchase in the Indie Untangled booth at the show.

Signature Needle Arts is a custom manufacturer/retailer of knitting needles made from aircraft-quality solid aluminum with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Our knitting needles are made in Wisconsin with materials sourced in the United States.

All our needles are color-coded by size for easy identification. An electrochemical process is used to apply the color and prevents it from rubbing off or fading. Our knitting needles have the US, and metric sizing laser etched onto the stalk and a letter identifying the point profile. The letters are as follows; the “S” stands for our Stiletto point, the “M” stands for the Middy point (for tight knitters), and the “B” stands for the Blunt point. We also offer monogramming on most needles with up to twenty characters.

Multicolored circular knitting needles arranged in a flower shape.

Convertible Circular Needles

Signature Needle Arts circulars are convertible rather than interchangeable. The cables are size specific and cannot be used between needle sizes. This coordination of cables to the needle stalks creates a seamless join that feels like a fixed circular. The convertible option allows for overall length changes within a size without needing to purchase the same stalks repeatedly for different projects.

Our Convertible Circular Needles have three stalk options: 4”, 5”, and 6”.

We feel knitting needles should fit the hand properly for the best knitting experience. The needle/cable join should fall outside the palm for the most ergonomic and enjoyable knitting experience. To find the fit that will be the most comfortable, we recommend taking a ruler and holding it like a knitting needle. Leave about 3/4” for the “point” and then check what number appears outside of the palm. If the 4” is visible, our four-inch stalks will be the right fit. If a 5” or 6” is visible, the corresponding stalk length will be the proper length.

There are instances when a particular project may determine the stalk length. For example, a smaller overall circumference is necessary when knitting a hat. Conversely, a longer stalk may be more appropriate for an intricate lace pattern to see the entire stitch pattern before it drops onto the cable.

We measure the stalk length when the needle and cable are attached. The stalk length is considered at its proper length when the cable is connected. The ferrule or silver attachment piece completes the stalk’s overall length. The overall length is measured from point to point with the cables attached.

Regarding point options, the Stiletto is the most often purchased and is excellent for lace, knitting multiple stitches together, and getting into the stitches and knitting quickly. The Middy point has the same point as the Stiletto; however, it has a shorter profile for those who tend to knit very tightly. Blunt points are available on needles that may rest inside the palm while knitting since the rounder point is more comfortable.

A rainbow of metal double pointed knitting needles.

Double Pointed Needles

Our double-pointed needles are offered in multiple lengths and sizes from 01/2.25mm to 08/5.00mm. These needles feature our unique slip/grip finish that keeps the project from slipping off and provides the option for a pointier needle than needles made from other materials.

Multicolored knitting needles arranged in a circle.

Single Point Needles

Single Point Needles were the first product created by Signature Needle Arts. They come in three lengths 7”, 10”, and 14”, three-point options: Stiletto, Middy, and Blunt, and three cap options: Bell, Spiral, and Tear. They are offered in sizes from 01/2.25mm to 10/6.00mm.

Signature Needle Arts believes that quality and precision create knitting needles that stand apart from the rest. We focus on the highest levels of customer service to ensure customer satisfaction.

What to stash this week: Jump in the ‘pool’

For her installment of the Indie Untangled Knitting Our National Parks series, Dawn of Barker Wool was inspired by an image of sockeye salmon swimming by Brooks Falls in Alaska’s Katmai National Park & Preserve. Sockeye will be dyed on Barker Wool’s BFL Fingering base, which is 100% Superwash British Bluefaced Leicester wool. The long repeats of crimson and plum can be manipulated in one of Dawn’s many assigned pooling patterns, including shawls and sweaters. The skeins are pictured Dawn’s Roam shawl, which features a tiny bobble stitch reminiscent of roaming across fields of tiny flowers.

An array of pumpkins with the text Dye Live Plus Club Friendsgiving Special Edition.

After Socktober, get ready for Friendsgiving. Olive & Two Ewe Studios’ Dye Live Plus Club Special Friendsgiving Edition is now open for registration. This one-month event offers a Mini Treat Box filled with yarn on your choice of base and extra goodies, plus access to a private Facebook group where you can watch the yarn being dyed live, plus interact with other members of the club.

A silver chain row counter, featuring silver beads and silver loops with the numbers 0-9. The end of the row counter has a ribbon charm reading hope and a progress keeper has a silver charm reading brave.

Bonnie of Yank Your Yarn is yelling “F*** cancer!” with her new chain row counter, which you can also wear as a necklace. $5 from every row counter sale will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

A pile of skeins of Brimham Bio Fingering yarn in shades of pinks, purples, yellows and browns.

Victoria and the team at Eden Cottage Yarns have a new eco-friendly base! Brimham Bio Fingering blends Superwash extrafine Merino and biodegradable nylon. Biodegradable nylon fully breaks down in five years in landfill conditions, but until that point will be as durable as normal nylon.

A collage of pictures showing drawstring and zipper pouches in a variety of fall themed printed fabrics.

Whether you’re going to New York next weekend or knot, Michelle of SquareKnot Handmade has got you covered with her October shop update. It includes autumn-inspured notion pouches with an added wrist strap, matching Hazel Project Bags and cool new sling bags and crossbody backpacks.

Meet Wild Mint, the new scent from Soak

This is the fourth in a series of blog posts featuring the fabulous sponsors of Indie Untangled, taking place on October 14, 2022 and online. Tickets are now available!

Blocking garments and doing laundry can be a chore, but using Soak makes the experience much more pleasant. The Canada-based company creates a gentle, no-rinse wool and fabric wash that comes in a variety of scents, as well as a scent-free formulation. This fall they are adding a new scent — Wild Mint — to their lineup. We took a look inside the creation of this fragrance, which will be available in their booth at the New York Sheep & Wool Festival later this month.

How did you decide on Wild Mint for your new scent?

We always have new scents in development. For Wild Mint, we were searching for a scent that would round out our current offering. We were looking for something spicy, interesting and more unique. Many of our scents sway towards floral or citrus.

An aqua bottle of Soak wash, an illustration of a sweater and the text Wild Mint, take a walk on the wild side, new fragrance fall 2022.

Can you describe the process of creating a new fragrance?

At Soak we have a core set of fragrance guidelines — words and phrases that describe what makes a scent Soakworthy. We also aim to have a well-balanced assortment of scents, so everyone can find their favorite. The first step in creating a new fragrance is looking at the existing range, both from a fragrance and a global sales perspective.

Next we identify the new direction and liaise with the fragrance houses — companies who specialize in creating scents, for everything from perfume, to skin care products and cleaners.

When we receive samples of prospective scents, we test them rigorously both from a smell perspective (in the bottle, while Soaking, on the garment after Soaking) and from a stability perspective (ensuring the formulation of Soak and the scent are compatible). The final testing phase is with a sample audience, to ensure our original goals of creating a Soakworthy scent were met. Once the fragrance is finalized, it moves to our design department, for a label color, art and copy writing, including the ever important fragrance description. Wild Mint is the refreshing soak fragrance you’ve been waiting for. Spicy geranium with a hint of mint and citrus smells like freedom from the day-to-day. Take a wash on the wild side with the bright, clean scent of wild mint. Who says laundry has to be tame?

When will Wild Mint debut?

Wild mint launched late September, a little ahead of schedule. You’ll see it reach stores around the world as the weeks go on. We will have a huge inventory with us at the New York Sheep & Wool Festival.

Aqua bottles of Soak wash and the text Wild Mint, take a walk on the wild side, new fragrance fall 2022.

What kinds of requests do you get for new products?

We love hearing from customers about new product requests. Sometimes we are asked to explore particular fragrances, other times it is about products to include in our assortment. Many of our travel size options originated from consumer demand. We’ve also launched our Eco Wash Bags and many of our bundles based on requests for them. Our Eco Wash Bags are made from 100% recycled PET, and made with premium quality zippers. They are not in-expensive, but they are top quality. Often our requests are for process improvement, or because the market is lacking an item that meets the demands of both the end user and the retail store. Soak is designed to be skin care for your clothing- to sit on the counter and live under it- meeting the demands of premium retailers and consumers who align themselves with the brand ethos, not just the functional product.

Do you have any special plans for the New York Sheep & Wool Festival?

Our most exciting feature will of course be the launch of Wild Mint. We will also have several of our bundles on display. We are excited to be back at the event in real life, after two years of virtual shows. We love to see everyone’s Soakworthy Rhinebeck sweaters and to connect with friends from near and far.

Pre-Rhinebeck Untangling: Murky Depths Dyeworks

This is the third in a series of blog posts featuring the fabulous sponsors of Indie Untangled, taking place on October 14, 2022 and online. Tickets are now available!

Along with your local yarn shop, it’s great to support your local indie dyers. Debbie of Murky Depths Dyeworks is part of the New York community, splitting her time between New York City and upstate New York, not far from where Indie Untangled is held! She’ll be joining us in a few weeks for her third show, bringing a ton of her murky and colorful skeins.

Tell me about how you got started dyeing yarn.

It was a total accident! As an avid knitter and yarn collector, I had a little Jacquard dye starter kit and some KnitPicks bare yarn sitting around. I thought it would be a fun day to dye some yarn over my winter break up at my country house in 2017. Turns out by the end of that day, I knew I was going to start an indie dyeing business.

Skeins of yarn in blue, red and gold.

What inspires your colorways?

Oh, inspiration can come from anywhere. I literally have colors inspired by the color of a car seen on the highway or an old teal green battleship. As often as not, I just get a visual image of a particular color in my mind and the adventure of unlocking the formula to realize it on yarn commences. Usually it turns out to be a complex shade, requiring many primary colors to get where I want.

Just as importantly, I’m fascinated with what happens when color is layered over color and the surprising results that ensue. The watercolor (transparent) nature of dyes means there are endless possibilities when adding mixed color over mixed color.

Do you have a favorite color or colors, and have they changed since you became a dyer?

I like to boast that I have the worst two favorite colors for a dyer, olive green and orange…two of the three slowest selling colors of yarn, along with yellows. While half my wardrobe is made up of these, I’ve developed an unexpected love for all colors aquatic and have unless colorways inspired by bodies of water. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised, I did name my company Murky Depths!

Three skeins of a purple, pink, blue variegated yarn with multicolored speckles on top of solid skeins in two different blues and dusty pink.

Holi, Interrupted at the top.

What are some of your most popular colorways?

Some of the colors I’ve dyed so many times I have the formulas memorized are Picante, a deeply saturated almost burnt orange and Destroyed, the above mentioned battleship green. Of my multies, some of my murkiest colors are also the most popular, like The Real Casanova, an aubergine brown with warm caramel and raspberry popping through and Holi, Interrupted, a wash of rich pastel tones of rose, amethyst, slate blue and warm honey with pops of speckles in the same tones. I have quite a few colors that I’ve been selling since I started Murky Depths in 2018 and show no sign of slowing down.

Can you share some of your plans for Indie Untangled?

One word answer is tonnage! Honestly, I’m bringing all my favorite colors on my basic bases (plied and singles fingering, Merino and MCN DK, mohair) but it will be the Fall premier for Sanctuary, my non-Superwash merino worsted weight and Nautilus, my BFL aran weight, just in time for sweater weather. I’ll also be bringing a big range of my alpaca boucle laceweight, Maelstrom, and for the first time my newest base, Yakima – a merino, silk and yak singles fingering. I’m brewing up a group of variegated colors on it for the first time, in addition to the solids I offer. And of course I’ll have a special show color on fingering and DK, and maybe even on mohair.

A group of two different multicolored yarns in golds, greens and blues.

When and how did you learn to knit?

I learned the knit and purl stitches as a youngster but never put them to use. Then, in 2007, when I was already in my 40’s, my sister gave me a 15 minute lesson after an excessive Thanksgiving dinner and I went home and cast on my first sweater. I’ve always been a go big or go home kind of person!

What are some of your favorite FOs you or your customers have made with your yarn?

Seeing knit or crocheted items made from yarn I’ve dyed never gets old. But right now all I can think about is a sweater soon to be published by a designer named Sharon Hartley, @riverroadknits called Dark Academia. Hopefully I’ll have the designers sample in my booth at the Indie Untangled trunk show and will definitely be offering kits.

What’s currently on your needles?

Orbits by Rachel Isley @unwind_knitwear which I think is breathtakingly beautiful. I’m doing it in my Caspian base, using Delft-a soft porcelain grey base with Copenhagen blue speckles as the main color and a medium slate blue for the colorwork.

What to stash this week: Campfire yarn tales

Hanna Lisa and the team at Making Stories is ready for fall and all its cosy knits with their campfire-themed Issue 8. It features 13 modern designs to keep us warm, whether we’re gathered around a fire, reuniting with fiber friends at festivals or browsing the local farmers’ market.

Three skeins of gray and cream yarn with the word Shelley written in cursive in white on a black background.

Carolyn and Michelle of Olive & Two Ewe Studios are debuting their new yarn base that fits the upcoming spooky season. The 100% Superwash Merino 4ply worsted is named Shelley for the the author of Frankenstein. New colors on Shelley include a deep purple named Aubergine.

A skein of sock weight yarn in shades on pinks and oranges on a cream background.

Amanda of LL Yarn Co is giving back and celebrating her dear friend’s sobriety with Burn your Bra. 50% of your purchase of this colorway will be donated to Shatterproof, a nonprofit organization dedicated to reversing the addiction crisis in the United States.

Skeins of yarn in green, purple and black speckles.

Courtney of Silly Goose Yarns just launched her Fiber Friends Collection, which features two variegated colorways and matching tonals, plus a sock set inspired by sheep and ducks. Preorders are available for a limited time.

Photos of Crater Lake and the text PNW Club September 2022 Crater Lake.

Wendy of Nomad Yarn Co is taking a trip to Crater Lake for her September PNW Club. The colorway will be inspired by photos she recently took of the caldera in sunny weather.

A skein of brown and green yarn and the text Dragonflight Yarn Club September Box Forest Floor Available now!

This month’s Dragonflight colorway is called Forest Floor. You pick the yarn weight and get the accompanying mushroom stitch markers.

What to stash this week: Mini skein season

With the arrival of mini skein season, Stephanie of SpaceCadet thought it was the perfect time to reintroduce you to her Striad Wrap. Stephanie came up with the idea for this clever design while sitting in her knitting chair and noticing how her new lampshade incorporated strips of joined-up triangles to form a globe shape. The Striad Wrap is made up of a series of short row triangles, knit individually in strips and joined together with absolutely no seaming. It was designed for SpaceCadet gradient mini skeins, but would also look great in blocks of color.

The Striad Wrap is 50% off for a limited time when you join Stephanie’s email list.

A light-skinned hand holding three skeins of red and green variegated yarn.

The Olive & Two Ewe Studios Christmas in July colorway this week is Reindeer Droppings. It is inspired by the, ahem, bodily functions of the magical, mystical creatures that lead Santa’s sleigh. Two coordinating colorways, Games Reindeer Play and Nose So Bright, are also in the shop.

A skein of orange and pink yarn.

The WoolenWomenFibers Woolen Moon collection is inspired by the power of the full moon. Grab the Strawberry Moon, which just passed in June, or prepare for the Harvest Moon in September. Pictured above is the Moon Bath Ritual.

Three Reversa-Clippy double sided markers used in a knitted piece of light green yarn.

Meet the Reversa-Clippy, Bonnie of Yank Your Yarn’s exclusive “two stitch markers in one” design. One side of the marker has a lobster clasp and the other has a round closed stitch marker that will fit up to a size US8/5mm knitting needle.

A quilted patchwork zipper pouch in cream and blue tones featuring a sleepy owl.

Michelle’s latest SquareKnot Handmade shop update includes zippered notions pouches that are approximately 7″ tall by 10″ wide, perfect for keeping all of your notions organized within a larger bag.

What to stash this week: The holidays are coming

Carolyn and Michelle of Olive & Two Ewe Studios are unveiling their holiday lineup this month. This includes their holiday Stitching Kits, which are available for a few more days! You can choose from either the Christmas Crafter’s Edition or the Hanukkah Crafter’s Edition, which will both be full of yarn and a variety of other craft supplies for creating ornaments or decorative objects for the holidays. You can also preorder their Twelve Days of Christmas and Eight Night of Hanukkah calendars. Each will feature brand new colorways and extra holiday goodies along with a live opening each day/night on their YouTube channel.

Seven skeins of yarn from dark pink to light pink, peach in the middle, light green and aqua.

Anastasia of Cashmere & Coconuts just had a huge shop update with a Summer Splash gradient set, hand-dyed spinning fiber and Jack and Sally colorways for The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Wool stockings in neutral colors hanging on a mantle.

Andrea of WoolenWomenFibers has new Advent options, including a The Magic of the North Pole set with 24 mini skeins and a Christmas Cottage-themed sock set or single skein weekly reveal.

A set of three small crochet hooks on lobster clasps, featuring the words "OOPS", "CRAP", "MINE" in either black or white letter beads.

Are you always losing your #%@&!-ing crochet hook? Bonnie of Yank Your Yarn has you covered with a set of three travel crochet hooks with lobster clasps so you can keep them handy and express your current mood.

A light-skinned woman in a white sweater holds a pink and peach garter and brioche shawl.

Jill’s Paloma Stripe Shawl is inspired by one of her favorite beverages, with simple garter and brioche stripes. It’s 30% off through July 12.

A sticker with two red chili peppers made of twisted yarn skeins.

Augusta of adKnits is celebrating summer with the Garden Collection, with summer- and garden-inspired knitting merit badges, stickers, stitch markers and pins.

Six skeins of blue-purple yarn surrounded by ferns and a book with the title Botanical curses and poisons.

The Plies & Hellhounds July Wicked Seeds installment is based on the Larkspur, the birth flower of July. It will be available on Nectar, a blend of 60% Superwash Merino, 20% silk and 20% yak starting 10 a.m. Eastern tomorrow.

Four skeins of yarn in shades of brown and yellow.

Eden Cottage Yarns has new yarns, kits and patterns in stock, including an update of Hayton 4ply, their Merino, Cashmere, nylon blend. There are also bundles for Janie Crow’s Magic Circles wrap and yarn for Justyna Lorkowska’s patterns.

Gabby of Plies & Hellhounds Yarn is also opening up a first round of preorders for her Pandora’s Box December yarn countdown.