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Get to know Signature Needle Arts

Blue circular, green double point and gold straight knitting needles.

This is the seventh in a series of blog posts featuring the fabulous sponsors of Indie Untangled, taking place on October 14, 2022 and online. If you’re attending the show, you’ll get to try out Signature needles in the lounge area and they’ll be available for purchase in the Indie Untangled booth at the show.

Signature Needle Arts is a custom manufacturer/retailer of knitting needles made from aircraft-quality solid aluminum with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Our knitting needles are made in Wisconsin with materials sourced in the United States.

All our needles are color-coded by size for easy identification. An electrochemical process is used to apply the color and prevents it from rubbing off or fading. Our knitting needles have the US, and metric sizing laser etched onto the stalk and a letter identifying the point profile. The letters are as follows; the “S” stands for our Stiletto point, the “M” stands for the Middy point (for tight knitters), and the “B” stands for the Blunt point. We also offer monogramming on most needles with up to twenty characters.

Multicolored circular knitting needles arranged in a flower shape.

Convertible Circular Needles

Signature Needle Arts circulars are convertible rather than interchangeable. The cables are size specific and cannot be used between needle sizes. This coordination of cables to the needle stalks creates a seamless join that feels like a fixed circular. The convertible option allows for overall length changes within a size without needing to purchase the same stalks repeatedly for different projects.

Our Convertible Circular Needles have three stalk options: 4”, 5”, and 6”.

We feel knitting needles should fit the hand properly for the best knitting experience. The needle/cable join should fall outside the palm for the most ergonomic and enjoyable knitting experience. To find the fit that will be the most comfortable, we recommend taking a ruler and holding it like a knitting needle. Leave about 3/4” for the “point” and then check what number appears outside of the palm. If the 4” is visible, our four-inch stalks will be the right fit. If a 5” or 6” is visible, the corresponding stalk length will be the proper length.

There are instances when a particular project may determine the stalk length. For example, a smaller overall circumference is necessary when knitting a hat. Conversely, a longer stalk may be more appropriate for an intricate lace pattern to see the entire stitch pattern before it drops onto the cable.

We measure the stalk length when the needle and cable are attached. The stalk length is considered at its proper length when the cable is connected. The ferrule or silver attachment piece completes the stalk’s overall length. The overall length is measured from point to point with the cables attached.

Regarding point options, the Stiletto is the most often purchased and is excellent for lace, knitting multiple stitches together, and getting into the stitches and knitting quickly. The Middy point has the same point as the Stiletto; however, it has a shorter profile for those who tend to knit very tightly. Blunt points are available on needles that may rest inside the palm while knitting since the rounder point is more comfortable.

A rainbow of metal double pointed knitting needles.

Double Pointed Needles

Our double-pointed needles are offered in multiple lengths and sizes from 01/2.25mm to 08/5.00mm. These needles feature our unique slip/grip finish that keeps the project from slipping off and provides the option for a pointier needle than needles made from other materials.

Multicolored knitting needles arranged in a circle.

Single Point Needles

Single Point Needles were the first product created by Signature Needle Arts. They come in three lengths 7”, 10”, and 14”, three-point options: Stiletto, Middy, and Blunt, and three cap options: Bell, Spiral, and Tear. They are offered in sizes from 01/2.25mm to 10/6.00mm.

Signature Needle Arts believes that quality and precision create knitting needles that stand apart from the rest. We focus on the highest levels of customer service to ensure customer satisfaction.


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  1. I love my Signature needles . I bought the 7-inch long ones because I wanted something I could use that wasn’t round and that I could take with me on trips.

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