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Indie Untangled 2023 Year In Review: Make-along winners and faves

An image collage of hand knits and the text Indie Untangled 2023 Make-along Winners & Year In Review.

One of the best parts about going to the New York Sheep & Wool Festival and Indie Untangled is seeing beautiful knitwear everywhere. Even when I don’t get to see everyone’s FOs in person, I get to review all the entries to our annual make-along.

To close out 2023, I’m sharing the winners of the MAL, chosen at random, and also some of my personal favorites from among the entries.


Winner: Cindy’s Turnt
Winner: Dawn’s Quill Crossing
Fave: Andrea’s Versa Cowl


Winner: Denise’s Great Sand Dunes Beanie
Winner: Annie’s Sunset Hat
Fave: Jen’s Lovestruck Hat


Winner: Mary’s Slipstravaganza
Winner: Halia’s Pine Scarf
Fave: Halea’s Fiordifelce


Winner: Emily’s Maize
Winner: Erin’s Talamh


Winner: Nicole’s Smooth Operator Socks
Winner: Jen’s Rule Breaker Socks
Fave: Margaret’s Paper Wing Socks

Sweater – Adult 

Winner: Jenny’s The Traveler
Winner: Teresita’s Cumulus
Fave: Nicole’s Good Omen
Fave: Denise’s Colorwork Dip


Winner: Andrea’s Alpine Bloom
Winner: Matt’s Yu 裕
Fave: Nicole’s Lemon Spritz
Fave: Andrea’s Salty Air Tee


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