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Meet Wild Mint, the new scent from Soak

Aqua bottles of Soak wash and the text Wild Mint, take a walk on the wild side, new fragrance fall 2022.

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Blocking garments and doing laundry can be a chore, but using Soak makes the experience much more pleasant. The Canada-based company creates a gentle, no-rinse wool and fabric wash that comes in a variety of scents, as well as a scent-free formulation. This fall they are adding a new scent — Wild Mint — to their lineup. We took a look inside the creation of this fragrance, which will be available in their booth at the New York Sheep & Wool Festival later this month.

How did you decide on Wild Mint for your new scent?

We always have new scents in development. For Wild Mint, we were searching for a scent that would round out our current offering. We were looking for something spicy, interesting and more unique. Many of our scents sway towards floral or citrus.

An aqua bottle of Soak wash, an illustration of a sweater and the text Wild Mint, take a walk on the wild side, new fragrance fall 2022.

Can you describe the process of creating a new fragrance?

At Soak we have a core set of fragrance guidelines — words and phrases that describe what makes a scent Soakworthy. We also aim to have a well-balanced assortment of scents, so everyone can find their favorite. The first step in creating a new fragrance is looking at the existing range, both from a fragrance and a global sales perspective.

Next we identify the new direction and liaise with the fragrance houses — companies who specialize in creating scents, for everything from perfume, to skin care products and cleaners.

When we receive samples of prospective scents, we test them rigorously both from a smell perspective (in the bottle, while Soaking, on the garment after Soaking) and from a stability perspective (ensuring the formulation of Soak and the scent are compatible). The final testing phase is with a sample audience, to ensure our original goals of creating a Soakworthy scent were met. Once the fragrance is finalized, it moves to our design department, for a label color, art and copy writing, including the ever important fragrance description. Wild Mint is the refreshing soak fragrance you’ve been waiting for. Spicy geranium with a hint of mint and citrus smells like freedom from the day-to-day. Take a wash on the wild side with the bright, clean scent of wild mint. Who says laundry has to be tame?

When will Wild Mint debut?

Wild mint launched late September, a little ahead of schedule. You’ll see it reach stores around the world as the weeks go on. We will have a huge inventory with us at the New York Sheep & Wool Festival.

Aqua bottles of Soak wash and the text Wild Mint, take a walk on the wild side, new fragrance fall 2022.

What kinds of requests do you get for new products?

We love hearing from customers about new product requests. Sometimes we are asked to explore particular fragrances, other times it is about products to include in our assortment. Many of our travel size options originated from consumer demand. We’ve also launched our Eco Wash Bags and many of our bundles based on requests for them. Our Eco Wash Bags are made from 100% recycled PET, and made with premium quality zippers. They are not in-expensive, but they are top quality. Often our requests are for process improvement, or because the market is lacking an item that meets the demands of both the end user and the retail store. Soak is designed to be skin care for your clothing- to sit on the counter and live under it- meeting the demands of premium retailers and consumers who align themselves with the brand ethos, not just the functional product.

Do you have any special plans for the New York Sheep & Wool Festival?

Our most exciting feature will of course be the launch of Wild Mint. We will also have several of our bundles on display. We are excited to be back at the event in real life, after two years of virtual shows. We love to see everyone’s Soakworthy Rhinebeck sweaters and to connect with friends from near and far.


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