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Here’s what to make with new self-striping and assigned pooling yarn from 29 Bridges Studio

Skeins of self-striping yarn.

This is the fifth in a series of blog posts featuring the fabulous sponsors of Indie Untangled, taking place on October 14, 2022 and online. Tickets are now available!

This year, 29 Bridges Studio, one of our Indie Untangled vendors, added self-striping sock skeins to their lineup of hand-dyed yarn. You can choose from repeatable color combinations as well as beautiful one-of-a-kind skeins that use leftover dye stock as part of Mary’s no-waste process.

A striped tube in shades of blue.

If you aren’t a sock knitter, here are some non-sock projects you can make with self-striping yarn:

Butterfly | Papillon by MarinJaKnits, as seen on Ravelry

Checkerwork Hat by Vexy, as seen on Ravelry

Canasta Cowl by Kam – handknitbykam, as seen on Ravelry

Cream and pink yarn.

29 Bridges will also be bringing their new planned pooling yarn to Indie Untangled! Planned pooling skeins can be in designs that accentuate the color changes with different stitch patterns. Here are some assigned pooling pattern suggestions, including a few from Valerie Moreno, the Knitting Fairy Godmother, who will be helping out in the 29 Bridges booth at Indie Untangled. You can see Valerie’s samples at the show.

A lacy shawl with blue dots.
Crescent Puff by Knitting Fairy Godmother, as seen on Ravelry
A maroon and orange knit cowl.
Braids for Days by Knitting Fairy Godmother, as seen on Ravelry

Assignment shawl by Nailya Plaskey, as seen on Ravelry

Float and many other patterns by Dawn Barker, as seen on Ravelry

Little Buds by Annie Baker Designs, as seen on Ravelry


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