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Knitting indie: Winter gifts

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Mom hood 1

A few weeks ago, I wrote about marking my grandma’s 90th birthday with some crafty gifts. My mom was also the recipient of a handknit, a hooded scarf that she requested last year, and that she luckily gave me until January to finish (she spent the holidays with my brother, sister-in-law and nephews in Australia, where a scarf was definitely not necessary).

Last winter, I ran a few patterns by her, and she really liked Cecily Glowik MacDonald’s Levee. Over the summer, I picked up some Quince & Co. Lark on my trip to Portland for the Astral Bath open house, but when I started knitting with it, it was feeling a little rough for next-to-skin wear (but would probably make an amazing sweater or vest). I inherited my princess-y skin from her, and I knew I had to use something else. And why shouldn’t my mom have a little luxury?

Frances Hayden Worsted

At the last minute, I picked up some in-stock Hayden Worsted from Ami of Lakes Yarn and Fiber. I’d used it for a friend’s baby blanket and I knew it would be soft enough.

Mom hood 2

The color was perfect — a deep red that leans pink for the camera. The lace took a little while, but it was easily memorizable, even for post-VKL drinks with one of my local knitting groups and while binge watching Season 4 of Homeland. The superwash grew a bit, and I had my first experience putting a handknit in one of my building’s dryers (I hope someone got to enjoy the 25 minutes of free drying time!).

So, while I didn’t have the pressure of finishing up gift knits in time for the holidays, I really stepped it into high gear in January. I started my grandma’s shawl on New Year’s Eve and the Levee a week later. And I know, despite the delay, my mom is thrilled with it — especially during this crazy winter.


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