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A Little Competition and Building a Rich Palette

Step right up and be a part of the competition: WHO DYED IT BETTER? We’ve hauled out a legacy colorway, Carnival Cotton Candy, once dyed by Michelle, who handles our business operations. Michelle’s creative talent outweighed her discipline to record dye recipes, so Carolyn had to banish her from the dye studio. Skip forward 6th years and Carolyn upon seeing the picture of Carnival Cotton Candy in our stroll down memory lane in pictures on the Saturday morning live she knew she wanted to dye it! In fact, she thought, “I think I can dye that better!” So, we are off to the races, and you get the beautiful results! Carolyn will reimagine the festival of color in Carnival Cotton Candy. Can she capture its bright energy while making it more current? This little venture is on preorder in the shop. We are excited to see what Carolyn comes up with!

More color from our Dye Live Plus series “Made with Love & Libations!” Dye Live Plus Club is our exclusive subscription series where members get to choose their yarn base and then see Carolyn, our dyer, actually dye the yarn via a private Zoom session. While the main colorway from each dye session is exclusive only to club members, the Coordinating Cousins, two related colorways, are open to everyone. Beer Nuts and Appletini, shown with Strawberry Margarita, the exclusive club colorway, are the latest shades ready to preorder on your favorite bases for your stash. We love the cool neutral and bright green!

Our main colorway story is about two classic favorites Given to Rust and Words of Wisdom. We love these rich shades, each beautiful in their own way, but we are over the moon about the palette of contrasting and coordinating shades we are building each week as we move into fall. Grab these now and wait ’til you see the companion shades we have coming.

Don’t forget to grab your Official Craft Inspector pins from our Pin Shop. We are adding more cute pins all the time!

Don’t forget your birthday! Our Birthday Club is the perfect set it and forget it gift. You’ll have the perfect gift automatically sent to you in your birthday month. And if you choose to celebrate multiple times a year, we won’t tell!

Last but not least, we’re going live on our YouTube channel, The Traveling Two Ewe Knit, Saturday morning at 9:30AM Eastern time. Grab your coffee or tea, your yarn, and let’s have a great time together!

Fiber friends are the best friends! Thanks for being a part of our yarn community, and we’ll be back next week for more updates and adventures!