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A Woolen Darling Collection is live!

Celebrate love with these new mini sets! From frog to prince, this is the true love’s kiss mini fade set with seven 20g CASHMERE minis.

The second fade set celebrates the shinier side of Valentine’s Day. 😉 A Tiffany blue fades into a bronzed gold, appropriately named Dripping in Diamonds, on our sparkly lurex or a gold Stellina base exclusive to this mini set. Make your set even more magical by adding on a SamsTinyTrinkets charm set and Aggie’s Bag sock sack to match!

There is so much chaos to indie-dyed yarn. Sometimes it’s messy, unpredictable — and that makes the art absolutely wonderful. My science background has me experimenting in the dye studio to control that chaos. As a result, I’ve developed a true deep black that won’t terribly bleed and a true stark white that speaks brilliance. Woolenwomenfibers has developed a unique process to produce white wool on a variety of bases! The fiber keeps its integrity while revealing brilliant, shiny white underneath that creamy, natural un-dyed color. The black undergoes four processes of color, underlayed with three hues other than black to prevent saturation of full black dye in order to achieve a deep dark color that won’t bleed like a saturated black will!

They are one-of-a-kind processes I have created in my laboratory of color.

You can find these sets and much more on AND at our trunk show with The Knittincoop in Virginia the week of January 25th! Who’s going?! It’s going to be fantastic!

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