February 21, 2022

A Woolen Fairytale

  • Various project bags with maker notions, diverse colored hands, butterflies and unicorns on them. A package of yarn minis in blues, green, orange and yellows.
  • Skeins of bright hot pink yarn with a set of purple,teal and pink flower stitch markers. A project bag with pink bottom fabric and butterflies on it.
  • Pastel neon purple skeins of yarn with bright neon purple,blue and pink speckles. A unicorn stitch marker and a unicorn project bag.
  • Sky blue skeins of yarn with matching blue bottle glitter stitch marker.
  • Pink, blue and green variegated yarns with a storybook green stitch marker.
  • Bright green yarn with splashes of bright blue speckles. A fairy stitch marker with pink hair and a green dress.

Inspired by all our paths as we embrace new journeys in our making, our personal lives and in business — introducing the Woolen Fairytale collection. As the Woolen Women are living their version of a storybook ending, so can you!

What’s your fairytale like? Embrace creativity and color your way through to your fairytale ending with these gorgeous colorways! Matching yarn, charms and project bags inspire so many combinations for shawls, sweaters and more!

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