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Aquarelle, a shaw pattern and kit

I love designing shawls. They are the perfect canvas for painterly color touches. Aquarelle was inspired by my favorite French painter, Marie Laurencin. In her watercolors, women in flowy scarves, with flowers surrounding them, take the center stage. Her colors lean towards peaches and celadons with a unique translucent quality.

Aquarelle echoes Marie Laurencin’s colors, with celadons and peaches in two different saturations. The creamy background against which the colors play illuminates them.

The naturally dyed colors, which I created for Aquarelle, marry beautifully, in perfect, peaceful harmony. Colors and geometric shapes appear in a random fashion, like the flowers in a wild garden. The shawl grows organically.

Aquarelle is knitted almost entirely in garter stitch with a fingering weight yarn on US5 needles. Chevrons and bobbles, as well as a very simple, very open edging bring dimension to the shawl. The changes in color and pattern keep you entertained, guiding you to the next section.

I chose to make Aquarelle a large shawl, so you can easily wrap yourself in it. The arched crescent shape makes it easy to wear.

The Aquarelle kits are hand dyed using natural dyes only. I am offering two kits, one dyed on our Pure base, a 100% non Superwash Merino, and the other on our Amelie base, a Superwash Merino.

Visit our website to get the pattern, which will be free for the first 24 hours after its release, and to purchase your kit.