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Fiber Coven – A Patreon for ‘Yarn Witches’

We’re a coven of two yarn witches trying to craft fiber magic. It’s a long distance coven, so we thought we’d open it up to yarn witches across the globe so we can spread our black magics far and wide.

Who Are We?
Emily O’Brien of Kitty With a Cupcake – Knitwear designer, podcast host, generally crafty AF.
Lauren Brien-Wooster of Valkyrie Fibers – Yarn dyer, maker of foods, creative boss witch.

We love collaborating together to make hand-dyed yarn and indie patterns that were born to be together.

Why Fiber Coven?
We’ve both broken into this weird and wonderful little world of fiber and we’d love to share our tips and experience with those who are looking to do the same. This is a space for fans who love our work and want more, aspiring fiber artists and curious yarn alchemists who want to see behind the scenes of what makes an indie fiber business tick.

What can I expect from Fiber Coven?
We will be sharing sneak peaks and behind the scenes content to our Inner Sanctum Patrons about our dyeing and design work. We will also be releasing weekly exclusive blog posts. These blog posts may feature magic such as tutorials, techniques, ideas, bujo layouts, recipes, homesteading tips, business knowledge and whatever other tinctures and potions we come up with! We have a Discord forum for patrons to chat amongst themselves and with us. We also are releasing weekly Office Hours videos where Lauren and Emily chat about their collaborations and projects via video. Exclusive patron only MKALs are coming!

Fiber Coven is committed to giving 10% of our proceeds each month to the cause/charity of our choice, prioritizing marginalized voices.