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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

This is a Fiber Coven MKAL. The pattern is available to Fiber Coven Patreon members for $5 exclusively it is $10 for non Fiber Coven Patreon members. You only need to join the Coven for one month to get the exclusive price.

Inspired by fashions from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, this modular shawl is the perfect accessory for a hyperspace journey. The shape is a take on a triangle shawl but uses modular techniques to show off a self striping yarn and make the shape easier to wear. Grab a coordinating tonal, solid, or speckle yarn to pair with your self striping yarn and create an out of this world shawl. The shawl features a clean modern look that would be at home on any starship.

Pre-Order the pattern here

Fiber Coven exclusive coupon here

If you do not want to use Ravelry, email [email protected] with the subject link MKAL and we will get you set up with a PayPal invoice and you will receive pattern clue updates via email!

Fingering Weight in 2 colors
C1 Solid/Tonal/Speckle: 460 yds / 420 m
C2 Self Striping: 460 yds / 420 m
Sample shown in Valkyrie Fibers Matte Sock in Ghost Crew and Spectre 5.

Yarn Color Tips:
The sample shawl uses a coordinating skein that is the same color as one of the stripes in the self striping. It will look good whether you do this or choose a totally separate color! It will also work with either high contrast or low contrast pairs.

US 4/3.5 mm 50”/135 cm circular needle

24 stitches x 36 rows = 4” in stockinette, unblocked

Darning needle for weaving in ends
Stitch Markers

Clue Release Dates
Clue 1 – June 1st
Clue 2 – June 8th
Clue 3 – June 15th
Clue 4 – June 22nd
Clue 5 – June 29th

Full pattern will be released in a single PDF on July 1st, 2021. Pattern will retail for $7 to all on this date.

Accessibility Note:
All videos include auto generated YouTube captioning.

Welcome to the Fiber Coven Full Moon Club, a curated witchy knitting kit and ritual themed to each month’s Full Moon for all of 2021. This is a preorder that gets you the second Quarter’s club deliveries. All months will be shipped at once in mid-March in one package.

Quarter Two 2021
April – Pink Moon, exercising creativity
May – Flower Moon, basking in nature
June – Strawberry Moon, practicing self love

Each month is an individually packaged kit and sealed with a custom wax seal to persevere the surprise! The second photo shows January’s Wolf Moon kit to give you an example of the kind of the things you can expect. You will not receive any of the exact items in this kit, it is just an example of previous month’s clubs!

Every month includes the following:
– One 20g fingering weight mini skein of yarn hand dyed by Lauren of Valkyrie Fibers in a special colorway dyed just for this club
– One spell pouch knitting pattern designed by Emily of Kitty With A Cupcake to be used with the included mini skein if desired. You will receive a Ravelry download code in your package to get your pattern PDFs. Each month’s spell pouch will be themed to the name of the Full Moon for that month. The bags will be various shapes and use various knitting techniques. Bags could also be used for crystals, dice, headphones, notions, or whatever you want!
– One tea light, made with 100% USA grown soy and hand poured by Emily in a phthalate-free scent themed to that month’s moon theme
– Intention setting ritual printed on a postcard themed to that month
– Extra surprises! We don’t want to give away all the surprises but to give you an idea these could be things like handmade art, notions, tea, handspun, or items needed for the ritual like crystals, tea, herbs, etc, or notions to use in the patterns like buttons, charms, stitch markers, etc.

Rituals are being planned by Emily of Kitty With A Cupcake and will all be secular, non-deity-specific, intention setting rituals. The idea is that you could perform each ritual on the Full Moon for that month. Even if you are just getting into witchcraft or haven’t fully embraced it yet the activities included in the club will be useful and fun for you too!

Lauren is planning a soft but grungy matching aesthetic so all of the minis will look nice together. If you’re wanting a shawl instead of spell pouches, Emily will release a mini skein shawl pattern later this year that will be free to whoever joins the whole year worth of clubs. Members of the Fiber Coven Patreon will be able to test knit the shawl if desired.

Additionally we’re throwing a little bit of luck into the mix! Each quarter we will have a couple lucky winners. One person will receive one FULL 100g skein of yarn in that month’s colorway and another person will receive one FULL 4 oz candle in that month’s scent!

We are also running a Knit-Along for The Full Moon Club! Post your finished spell pouch projects on Ravelry and if you complete the whole quarter you will be entered in a drawing to win the next quarter’s kits for FREE! Join our Fiber Coven Patreon too for a whole Discord Channel to discuss the club with fellow Coven members! Plus, Coven members get early access to Emily’s upcoming Waxing Moon shawl pattern which is the perfect pattern to use with 20g mini skein advent calendars!

Join Fiber Coven for a gloriously gothic inspired MKAL. We will be knitting together during the month of September so you should have the perfect accessory ready with plenty of time for October festivities. Find out more about Fiber Coven here!

Inspired by all things Romantic (that’s with a capital “R”), this lacy shawl is the perfect accessory for curling up by candlelight for some dark spooky reading. Or perhaps you’d rather be in the story, roaming some misty and quite possibly haunted moors, either way this shawl is a dramatic piece to drape yourself in. Pick two colors to bring together to add to the dramatic gothic architecture inspired lace. This shawl is an ode to this era of exploring emotions that lead us to supernatural works of fiction that continue to light our imaginations aflame.

Clue Release Dates
Clue 1 – September 1st
Clue 2 – September 8th
Clue 3 – September 15th
Clue 4 – September 22nd

Full pattern will be released in a single PDF on October 1st, 2020. It will be available to non Fiber Coven members at this date.

Dark Romantic Pattern
The pattern is Emily’s Ravelry store for $100. The totally bananas price is how we are keeping it Fiber Coven exclusive. There is a coupon code for Fiber Coven members that makes the pattern only $4. The pattern PDF will be an information packet with all the info listed here, and materials needed until Sept 1st, when the first clue drops. If you are not using Ravelry email [email protected] and we will get you set up with the Info Page and Clues via email. Unfortunately Emily’s Payhip store does not support PDF updates like Ravelry can so the MKAL cannot be purchased through Payhip.

This is a Fiber Coven exclusive MKAL, please do not share the pattern with friends who are not members of Fiber Coven. The pattern will retail for $7 when it releases on October 1st. It is available to Coven members for $4, the lowest tier of our Fiber Coven Patreon is $3, so people who wish to participate can join the Coven for 1 month and not pay any more than you would for the regular pattern price.

Please use the promotional image featured on the first page of this PDF or a picture of your unknit yarn as the 1st photo on your Ravelry projects for the month of September to preserve the mystery for others.

Dark Romantic Yarn Kits
Yarn Kits from Valkyrie Fibers have sold out but Serendipitous Wool has made up some very special yarn pairings that you can see in a Fiber Coven Post.

We have prizes we will draw for from both knitters who complete the project and knitters who join in the MKAL. You may make as many Participation Entries as you like. One FO Entry per person.

Participation Entries – Post your yarn/progress/excitement/whatever on Instagram with #DarkRomanticMKAL

FO Entries – Post your finished shawl in our Fiber Coven Ravelry Group in the FO thread, or email us a photo at [email protected] to be entered in the drawing.

Materials Needed

Fingering Weight in 2 colors
C1: 386 yds / 353 m
C2: 327 yds / 299 m

Sample shown in Valkyrie Fibers Matte Sock in Ruby Red (C1) and Huginn and Muninn (C2)

US 6/4 mm 50”/135 cm circular needle

Darning needle for weaving in ends

Chat about the MKAL is happening under #darkromanticmkal on Instagram, in our Inner Sanctum Discord Channel, and in our Ravelry Group!

We’re a coven of two yarn witches trying to craft fiber magic. It’s a long distance coven, so we thought we’d open it up to yarn witches across the globe so we can spread our black magics far and wide.

Who Are We?
Emily O’Brien of Kitty With a Cupcake – Knitwear designer, podcast host, generally crafty AF.
Lauren Brien-Wooster of Valkyrie Fibers – Yarn dyer, maker of foods, creative boss witch.

We love collaborating together to make hand-dyed yarn and indie patterns that were born to be together.

Why Fiber Coven?
We’ve both broken into this weird and wonderful little world of fiber and we’d love to share our tips and experience with those who are looking to do the same. This is a space for fans who love our work and want more, aspiring fiber artists and curious yarn alchemists who want to see behind the scenes of what makes an indie fiber business tick.

What can I expect from Fiber Coven?
We will be sharing sneak peaks and behind the scenes content to our Inner Sanctum Patrons about our dyeing and design work. We will also be releasing weekly exclusive blog posts. These blog posts may feature magic such as tutorials, techniques, ideas, bujo layouts, recipes, homesteading tips, business knowledge and whatever other tinctures and potions we come up with! We have a Discord forum for patrons to chat amongst themselves and with us. We also are releasing weekly Office Hours videos where Lauren and Emily chat about their collaborations and projects via video. Exclusive patron only MKALs are coming!

Fiber Coven is committed to giving 10% of our proceeds each month to the cause/charity of our choice, prioritizing marginalized voices.