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Ice cold and SWEET! | A Woolen Lemonade Stand

Complete with ice-dyed yarn, hand-sculpted and painted lemonade charms, 17 oz tumbler, stickers, a project bag and more, our Woolen Lemonade stand turns this classic cold, refreshing beverage into color, creativity and the happiest of happy mail! Visit the Woolen Lemonade stand on and purchase an already made gorgeous lemonade set OR build your very own CUSTOM lemonade set by picking your very own flavors that will translate into gorgeous color and charms! Each order is entered into a drawing. We draw a winner each Wednesday for our live WoolenWomenWednesday events on Instagram 12 p.m. ET and that lucky maker gets their set made live! This is special on so many levels.

First, you are able to converse with us on how you’d like your set to look. Do you like speckles? Want more orange variegation? A brighter yellow? We want to hear it all! You will be able to be in the chat as we ask you questions and make your perfect set!

Second, this brings nostalgia into your makes! Do you have memories of a cold lemonade on your front porch with that special family member or loved one, or perhaps you had a lemonade stand as a kid? My favorite is my Mom’s lemonade. She would put oranges in the pitcher and it was DELICIOUS! So special. You make this kit your own so it is perfectly special to you!

Third, SamsTinyTrinkets makes her charms absolutely custom and special to your flavors — you pick and provide your input if you join live! What could be more special for the warmer weather then having your very own custom lemonade hanging from your project?

Lastly, you are getting to see the creative process through and through — the process of talking about color as Sami and I match up our pastels and dyes for your set. We talk about execution of technique: what kind of dyeing — maybe ice dyeing or low immersion — and how she will go about sculpting. You get to see the creative process as it unfolds and is executed, seeing as they are all made live, as there is no practice and all the magic happens in real time. This brings you, the maker, into our creative space and gives you a chance to help create if you are building your own set. Truly a one-of-a-kind experience!

Snag your special kit today and join us live for WoolenWomenWednesdays on Instagram live 12 p.m. ET to see if it is your kit we are making!